Idea, Vodafone may follow Airtel Postpaid Unused Data Carry Forward Plan

Postpaid Customers to get Relief from Idea and Vodafone Soon

Telecom industry is very predictable. In fact, whatever is done by the market leader is usually followed by others. If you have spent a long time in the industry, you will understand this easily.

Recently, Airtel announced that they will offer their customers the unused data next month. Moreover, users will get the extra data in their account balance.

Idea, Vodafone may follow Airtel Postpaid Unused Data Carry Forward Plan

Notably, Airtel announced that Postpaid subscribers will carry forward the unused data to next month by default. This will be applicable from 1st August 2017.  Also, the customer can carry forward upto 200 GB of data and track the details using the My Airtel App as reported by ET.

So, the unused data from August can be carry forwarded to next month and can be used.

To clarify, if your postpaid plan offers 10 GB of data per month. And this month you have consumed only 6 GB, the remaining 4 GB data will be carry forward to next month and you can use this 4 GB data later.

Earlier, what used to happen was if the data is not utilized in the same month it was forfeited. And in case, next month if there is some extra requirement for data, then the customer needs to take a data booster pack or change the plan.

The change is already implemented by Airtel. Also, some of our close sources with Idea and Vodafone tells us that they are also evaluating the technical feasibility of doing it.

They are evaluating if the configuration is possible on the billing system for the companies.

Before any such changes in postpaid, there is a huge amount of background work required. Moreover, a technical study of the system and pilot testing happens. Additionally, when setting up a new system and processes it requires informing sharing and training of service and call centre team.

So in a nut shell, it is a long process but Idea and Vodafone may do it soon. The companies don’t want Airtel to have an upper hand in customer service.

Postpaid is No Longer Lucrative

Anyways after JIO, the postpaid business has become less lucrative for telecom operators. Because everything unlimited is now available in prepaid for Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 per month.

In fact, it is right the step by Airtel to ensure that the postpaid base stays on postpaid plans. Instead of migrating to prepaid which has become more lucrative and has always been hassle free.

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