iMAC and MacBook Gets Intel 7th Gen Processor, More Updates

At the WWDC 2017 event yesterday Apple announced updates for the MacBook Pro and Air along with the iMacs. These are much-awaited refresh.

The iMacs have got a significant upgrade in terms of hardware and the new iMac will be at par with the custom Windows PC’s you can build for content creation and video editing. A great news for Apple Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro users.


New iMacs will have better displays, with 43% brighter displays at 500 nits. The new displays will come with 10-bit dithering that can produce 1 billion colors. The New iMacs will also be compatible with VR content and Final Cut Pro will also support 360-degree videos.

iMAC and MacBook Gets Intel 7th Gen Processor, More Updates

The new iMac will support the latest 7th generation Kaby Lake Intel processors. The Kaby Lake supports HEVC Video.

The iMacs will support 32GB on the 21.5” model to 64GB RAM on the 27” model. The 27” models will come with Fusion Drive which will be up to 50% faster 2TB SSD.

The iMacs will have 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The iMac 21.5” model gets a big bump in graphics with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, with 64GB eDRAM.

The iMac 4K 21.5” model gets a Radeon Pro 555 & 560 with up to 8GB VRAM. The models come with discrete graphics.

The 5K iMac 27” gets Radeon Pro 570, 575, & 580 with up to 8GB of VRAM.

iMAC and MacBook Gets Intel 7th Gen Processor, More Updates

The new iMac line-up now consists of the iMac, iMac Retina 4K, and iMac Retina 5K. The prices start from $1,099 for the iMac 21.5” to $1,799 for the iMac 5K 27”, with a new iMac 4K 21.5” at $1,299.

Apple has also announced a new ultimate Mac – iMac Pro which will be the successor to the Mac Pro and will come with 18 Core Xeon processor price starting at $4999 close to 3.5 lakhs.

MacBook 2017 – Intel 7th Gen Processors

The MacBook portfolio gets a hardware refresh as well. The new MacBooks will come with the 7h generation Intel Kaby Lake processors. The MacBooks will feature up to 50% faster SSD storage and better graphics.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Launched With Touch Bar Starting $1499

The MacBook pricing ranges from $1,299 for MacBook & MacBook Pro 13”, $1,799 for the MacBook Pro 13” with TouchBar to $2,399 to MacBook Pro 15” with TouchBar.

MacBook Air will get faster processors as well though not the Kaby Lake. Apple stated that it is getting an update but the low resolution still will be there with 1440*900 pixels.

This lays to rest any rumors surrounding the demise of the Air model as it continues to lose relevance to ever thinner Pro models.

Apple will continue to provide the MacBook Air as a cheaper option but would like most buyers to shift to the new Apple MacBook Pro this is probably a major reason to offer a bare minimum upgrade to the MacBook Air.

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