In-Depth Look Into iOS 10 – Whats New and Good

The latest update to the iPhones & iPads operating system, iOS which was showcased to the public during the WWDC in Jun’16 is out for public starting 13 Sep’16. If you haven’t already received the prompt to upgrade to iOS 10, you can go the Settings à General à Software Update to manually check for the update.

Before you upgrade, be sure to take a back up to iCloud or a computer through iTunes to avoid possible loss of data due to rare mishaps like those being reported by some people who were quick to update. Apple has stated the initial teething issues have now been ironed out.

Also, you need to make space… plenty of space. Since this a major upgrade, you will need around 1 GB of free space. The exact size of the download will depend on your device. iPhones on iOS 9.3.5. are typically asking for 1.0 to 1.5 GB of free space. iOS 10 is available only for iPhones 5 or later, iPad 4th gen or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPad Pros and iPod Touch 6th gen only.

In-Depth Look Into iOS 10 - Whats New and Good

iOS 10 offers major changes visually and features besides the usual security fixes. Traditionally Apple has kept a tight leash on its operating system and has given very limited control to 3rd party developers over native capabilities. Let’s take an in-depth look into what’s new.


In-Depth Look Into iOS 10 – Whats New and Good – The Messages app has been overhauled with a lot of radical changes and feature additions. The new Messages app looks nothing like the staid old self and resembles a full-fledged messenger app like WhatsApp.

You can add special Bubble effects which let you add another dimension to the plain text and express added feelings such as loud, gentle, with a slam or with mysteriously invisible ink. There are full-screen effects to create an impact for special occasions, like Balloons, Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks and Shooting Stars. However, these effects play only once when you open the message for the first time. Space for digital touch allows you to write, draw, send sketches, etc.

In-Depth Look Into iOS 10 - Whats New and Good

Emoji uses tap to replace which substitutes highlighted words with emojis. The links shared in Messages are now rich links that show a preview of shared webpage similar to other messenger apps. The links display media and can it can be played in-line, such as viewing YouTube videos or playing music shared through Apple Music.

In-Depth Look Into iOS 10 - Whats New and Good

There is also a mini app store for iMessges which can be used to download apps designed for specifically to be used within the Messages app. Apps meant for Messages could be like the one that allows you to download and send stickers.

Future apps that would be debuting soon could allow for more tasks to be accomplished from with Messages such as ordering food and making payments. To avoid clutter, you can turn the apps on/off from the ‘Manage’ tab in the app store.


The APIs for Siri has been opened for developers with the result that Siri can be used with a lot of 3rd party apps to accomplish tasks by just using voice. Siri can be used with messaging apps like WhatsApp and Line to send, search and read messages.

It can make VoIP calls with apps such as Skype, Spark, and Vonage. Siri can be used to search for images in apps like Pinterest and Shutterfly. It can also make payments over apps like Square. Siri can start, stop or pause workout sessions on fitness apps like Runtastic and RunKeeper. It can book cabs though apps like Uber. For cars that support CarPlay, Siri can adjust radio and climate settings, etc.


In-Depth Look Into iOS 10 – Whats New and Good – The Maps app has also undergone some big changes with a new simpler look and features. Sliding up from the bottom will display suggestions on places you are likely to visit next based on time of the day based on your routine or saved calendar events.

Maps will display the location for home, work and locations from upcoming calendar events. Maps will integrate closely with CarPlay, and now you can find where you parked your car with the help of CarPlay/Bluetooth. Also, it will display weather information or the area being viewed.


The new design for the app and navigation is cleaner and easier to understand with new callout designs and result from the display. The Maps app now adds traffic information to navigation as well. Maps can also add other relevant information such as petrol pumps or restaurants on the way and the extra time that will be added to the trip to make the detour. Traffic and directions information in Maps is currently not available in India with only the standard/satellite view available in India, which is a bit lacking.

The opening of Maps for 3rd party developers allows for extensions to be added which will allow making restaurant reservations and booking cabs.

Maps over CarPlay is currently not available in India.


The Photos now comes with the intelligent search feature and can group your photos to form memories. With the help of AI-powered facial recognition engine, Photos can identify faces and group them. The AI runs natively on your device without transferring data to any remote location and can analyze photos to understand the content such as object identification. It’s now possible to group photos in an album based on locations.


Photos app now has a new tab labeled Memories which makes use of the AI to cluster relevant pictures of events, vacations, and people together in a collection with important pictures highlighted. Memories can create beautiful movies automatically and add theme based music and cinematic effects. You can edit the Memories movie to make them shorter or longer or automatically assign music based on mood and share them easily.

Brilliance control can be used to make adjustments to specific regions of photos such as brightness and contrast.


In-Depth Look Into iOS 10 – Whats New and Good – The Home app aims to unify home automation accessories by standardizing protocols for smart accessories. The Home app can securely manage all compatible HomeKit accessories in a secure manner.

‘Scenes’ is used to control a group of accessories collectively. Scenes like good morning or good night will manage multiple accessories with a single tap. The app has rich notifications that allow for quick actions from notifications directly. The app can be used to provide temporary home access to trusted people. A compatible door camera can be linked such that live video feed can be directly seen on the iPhone’s lock screen.

Apple Music

Apple Music app has been revamped with a new design and simpler interface. Further, the company has been working hard to make their music service a success and compete with established players in the market. The new app combines the traditional player app with music streaming app to offer a more feature rich app. The default tab in the Music app is the library, making it simpler to go straight to your music which you have transferred from iTunes or purchased from Apple.


‘For You’ tab is bigger and clearer. It lists your recently played tracks and provides recommendations on playlists and albums based on your music preferences. ‘Browse’ will show you less personalized broader curated playlists and important releases every week.

Radio tab, which streams music from various stations is now available in close to 100 countries. Radio can be used to listen to Beats 1 live and offers curated stations for a wide range of music genres.

A strip shows the currently playing track and tapping it will take you to the ‘Now Playing’ tab. The tab displays information such as track information and music controls in a larger size. Swiping up will display the lyrics.

Apple News

The Apple News app has been redesigned with a new simpler layout featuring bold new typography, vibrant colors and distinct sections dedicated to various topics. ‘Top Stories’ highlights the important news throughout the day. ‘Trending Stories’ highlights the popular stories. Stories are grouped under sections that collate news based on your interests. ‘Featured Stories’ showcases the best stories of the week. ‘Subscriptions’ allows you to subscribe to magazines. ‘Breaking News’ will keep you updated with latest stories with notifications on the lock screen. Currently, Apple News is not available in India.


In-Depth Look Into iOS 10 – Whats New and Good – The lock screen has been redesigned with the ‘Slide to unlock’ now removed. To view notifications you no longer need to press the home button to wake the screen, simply raising your phone will wake the phone. If you don’t want the phone to wake while raising it, it can be turned off from the settings. Raise to wake requires iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7 and 7 Plus.

The redesigned lock screen has rich notifications which can be interacted with the use of 3D touch. The notifications no longer darken the wallpaper in the background. Swiping right now reveals a new page titled ‘Today View’ which shows search bar and widgets. Swiping right activates the camera.

The Control Centre can still be accessed by swiping up but has been redesigned and split into three separate panels with larger cleaner controls. The music controls are no longer on the default control center view, instead to access them you have to swipe left to see the expanded and larger music controls. Swiping right will show controls for the Home app. But does splitting a single panel into three panels a step forward?

The enhanced Force touch use on lock screen can be used to expand rich notifications for quick actions. 3D touch opens up many options available in the app so that you can interact from notifications itself without having to switch apps.

An important point to note is that unlocking the lock screen no longer works in the way it used to work on iOS 9 and earlier. Resting your finger on the TouchID unlocks the lock screen, but the lock screen remains there, and you are not redirected to the home screen. To go to the home screen, you have to tap the home button again. This doesn’t sound very convenient, and you can turn off this behavior from Settings.

Quick Type

The new keyboard has been enhanced and relies on deep learning based AI for contextual predictions. The emojis have received special attention in the latest upgrade featuring new and some redesigned emojis. Contextual predictions are based on your location and other information. The calendar can add events on its own based on information collated from apps such as Mail and Messages. The multilingual keyboard allows you to type in two languages without switch keyboards.



Missed call notification has a new UI. Also no need to listen to your voicemails as you can get the transcription. iOS 10 also offers better spam call detection with the help of 3rd party apps. VoIP apps will integrate with the Phone app to display calls on lock screen just like normal voice calls and includes additional support like mute and call waiting.

Other Improvements

The split view comes to iPad allowing you to view web pages in Safari simultaneously. Collaboration in Notes app allows people you have invited to work on notes collaboratively. Apple Pay is integrated with Safari for easier purchases online with the help of Apple Pay. However, it’s not supported in India yet. Live photos now support live filters.

All in all the latest iteration of iOS seems to hold a lot of promise, and we recommend upgrading to take full advantage of all the new features.

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