In-Depth Review Samsung S7 India Exynos 8890 Version (Android Oreo Update Video)

Update 09/July/2018 – Samsung has rolled out the Android Oreo 8.0 update on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. We tested the new OS on the Samsung S7 and here is the Hands-On Video.

Cool New Features for the Samsung S7 Running Android Oreo

Samsung S7 Original Review

24-April-2016 – It has been almost a month now since the Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched in the Indian market.

In-Depth Review Samsung S7 India Exynos 8890 Version (Video)

I have been using the smartphone for the last 15 days and wanted to wait and go through each and every aspect before sharing my thoughts about the S7.

First, let me state some of the options that you have if you are looking for the greatest smartphone in the market.

Smartphones powered by either the Snapdragon 820, Exynos 8890 or Apple A9 are the fastest of them and more future proof.

Smartphones like Google Nexus 6P, OnePlus 2 Samsung Note 5 all are great options but run on the last Gen Snapdragon 810.

There are only 5 smartphones you can count which are latest which you can buy if you want the absolute best and fastest mobiles in the market.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  3. iPhone 6s
  4. iPhone 6s Plus
  5. Xiaomi Mi 5

Considering Xiaomi Mi5 uses a slower version of SD 820 and comes with 3 GB of Ram and has a comparably poor camera when pitted against the rest. LG G5 and HTC 10 are yet not launched in the Indian market.

iPhone is a different animal altogether, and if you are invested in the iOS, then your obvious first choice is going to be iPhone. The major disadvantage of picking iPhone 6s compared to the Samsung S7 are 16 GB storage base variant, lower battery life, and poor resolution display. Yes, we will talk about the TouchWiz and Cons of Samsung S7 and how good is iOS 9.3 compared to it.

When the Samsung S7 went on sale in India in March’16, Apple dropped the prices of iPhone 6s to Rs. 41,000. I bought iPhone 6s too at Rs. 39,500 (with credit card discount from Kotak ).

With the launch of iPhone SE (I don’t want to write anything about it), Apple has increased the price to ridiculously high to Rs. 48,000.

The Key Question before we get into the review for Samsung S7 is from which smartphone are you upgrading to a Samsung S7.

If you have an iPhone, you may or may not like the UI and the way android works and feel. If you are upgrading from a Google Nexus 5 or 6 or a similar phone it is a real major upgrade in many terms.

I have actually shot a video for this, which I rarely do, so enjoy the video.

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In-depth Review Samsung Galaxy S7

The Best Color Choice for Samsung S7 Edge – New Pink Color launched

New Pink Color launched – Samsung has Launched a new color option for the Samsung S7 Edge in the Indian market – the S7 Edge Pink Gold.  Samsung recently unveiled the Blue Coral variant of the Samsung S7 Edge in the Indian market. The all-new Pink Gold option looks even more enticing. There are 5 color options for the S7 edge now and it is indeed a lot of choice for the consumers.

Pink Gold Samsung S7 Edge

Best Color Choice for Samsung S7 Edge

Samsung S7 Edge has been the benchmark of Flagship Android smartphones for 2016. Its been an easier choice for recommending it to people who would love to shell out a premium price to get the latest and greatest from the Korean Company. 

  • The phone with its breathtaking design.
  • Subtle curved edges make it a design worth imitating.
  • A Best in class display unparalleled and unmatched Super AMOLED screen.
  • Camera a true rival to the Google Pixel. 

Samsung set the benchmark for design and camera with the Samsung S7 edge. Now Samsung is doing some damage control for the Samsung Note 7 and offering more color choices to the consumers for the top-selling Samsung S7 edge. Oddly they have not introduced new colors for the Samsung S7 which could only mean more sales as the prices of both Samsung Flagship smartphones are more affordable than the rivals like Google Pixel and the iPhone 7.

Blue Coral Samsung S7 Edge

S7 Edge Blue Coral Available On Flipkart Price 50900

Now S7 edge has 5 color choices in India out of total 6 available globally. The Silver Titanium for people who would love flashy but subtle color option at the same time. Gold Platinum for people who would love to flaunt their all new gadget.

The Black Onyx for the crowd with a more traditional choice which looks simple and yet attractive. White Pearl which unfortunately wasn’t released in India. Add-ons to the list are the recently released  Blue Coral and now the latest entry of Pink Gold for people who want a wide range of color choices.

Black Pearl Samsung S7 Edge


The all-new Pink Gold looks really elegant and has its own backstory, as the company said in their recent blog post, “Pink Gold was chosen as it, like the other colors available for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, is a natural color that provides a sense of comfort. These hues glitter and shimmer as if illuminated from inside their glass surfaces.”

Silver and Black Samsung S7 Edge


We ran a small Poll on Facebook Group for Samsung S7 and here are the results, for the best color choice for the Samsung S7.

Poll Results Best Color for Samsung S7 Edge


Samsung S7 Edge

Preferred Color

Blue Coral3.52%

The black color is favored by 34.20% of the participants, silver color is favored by the 28.40%, Gold color is favored by 22.30%, Pink Gold is favored by 3.25% while the blue coral S7 Edge is favored by 3.52% voters.

Phonearena also carried out a poll sometime back and you can check the results of that poll here. (Samsung S7 Edge Best Color Choice Poll Results) While the two new colors are the Coral Blue and the Pink, and likely participants would have already picked up the black, silver or the golden color, hence the results are a bit skewed towards those 3 colors.

Gold Color Samsung S7 Edge


Though 3 basic colors are pretty good if it suits your personality you can surely go with the Blue Coral or the Pink Gold Variant, to have the exclusivity.

Surprisingly the pricing of the S7 edge with its new color variants have not changed and has remained to ₹50,900. Samsung is also offering Gear VR headset for ₹2,980 and screen replacement offer.

The 6th color “Black Pearl” has not made it to India yet. There is news, that it will be available very soon in the Indian market, may be priced a little higher.  

Finally, the S7 Edge is available in 5 color options, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, Black Onyx, Blue Coral and Pink Gold.

The Samsung S7 Edge Key specifications

  • Screen- 5.5-inch QHD AMOLED display along with Always On feature.
  • Processor- Exynos 8890 chipset.
  • Storage- 32GB internal and upto 200GB external
  • Camera- 12MP ‘Dual Pixel’, f/1.7 aperture rear and 5MP, f/1.7 aperture front.
  • OS- Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 (upgradable to Android N 7.1 soon).
  • Fingerprint Sensor- YES
  • Battery- 3600mAh, with fast charging and wireless fast charging as well.
  • Extra- IP68 rating for water and dust resistance.
  • Price Rs. 50,900 or $720.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs Launch Date Price India

Samsung S7 launch and Latest Price Update India

Samsung India today announced that both the smartphones (Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 edge) would go on sale on 18th March 2016.

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Price for the Samsung Galaxy S7 is Rs. 48,900 while the Samsung S7 Edge will cost Rs. 56,900 for the 32 GB version. The price for the 64 GB version of the device is higher by Rs. 5,000. Those who pre-book before 17th March will get the Samsung VR headset with both the smartphones. You can pre-book from Flipkart.

Update 02/March/2018 –Samsung S7 is now available in the market for Rs. 29,990 whereas the S7 edge costs Rs. 35,990. The price is almost down by Rs. 20,000 for both the models. Also, the devices are now 2 generation old as the company has recently launched the new Samsung S9 and S9 plus at an event in Barcelona, Spain.


The MWC got kicked off on 21 Feb, and the new Samsung flagship are unveiled on the 21st Feb 2016 in a packed house with 1000s of tech enthusiasts and media persons.


Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge come in 5.1 inches and 5.5-inch display size.

  1. The Samsung Galaxy S7 (5.1 inch Quad HD Display).
  2. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus (5.5 inch Quad HD Display).


Design wise the Samsung S7 and the Samsung S7 Edge are not too much different when compared the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

The camera bump which was there on the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge is reduced in the S7/S7 Edge to make them look better and sleeker.

Samsung was vastly criticized for using a small battery with 2650 mAH capacity on the Samsung S6 which was not sufficient considering the 2K display and the powerful processor.

To correct things, S7 Edge comes with 3600 mAH capacity battery while the S7 sports 3000 mAH capacity battery.


Further, both are water resistant and dustproof. They can be stay in water for 30 minutes and up to a depth of 1.5 meters.

Samsung has done the sealing of the devices from inside to make them much better protected against the water damage.

Camera Details and Quality

Samsung has not updated the front camera from  5 MP sensor on S6 to an 8 MP camera for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which is a bit of low point for the devices.

Recently, Samsung launched the Samsung A9 2016 which comes with an 8 MP front camera. Also, the phone lacks a dedicated flash, but the camera can click great images even with a smaller megapixel count.

However, the rear camera is insanely better and comes with Dual sized pixels and with a higher aperture of 1.7 with a 12 Megapixel lens.

In fact, the rear camera on the Samsung S7/S7 edge is one of the best in the market, and it is still better in comparison to the Huawei View 10 or the OnePlus 5T available in the same price range.

The only thing missing is the lack of portrait mode that is present on most of the latest phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price and Availability

The Samsung S6 (32 GB) was launched at Rs. 49,900 while the S6 Edge was launched at Rs. 58,900, the new mobiles are similarly priced when compared to the older devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 (32 GB) costs 48,900 in the Indian market and buyers will also get the VR Headset free along with the purchase of both Samsung S7 and the S7 Edge mobiles.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge costs Rs. 56,900 for the 32 GB Version.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge sports 4 GB of high-speed LP DDR4 Ram and come in 32 GB, 64 GB variants. The Samsung S7 and S7 Edge also have support for 200 GB memory card.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Performance – Snapdragon 820 Vs Exynos 8890

Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S7 with 2 different processors – 1) Snapdragon 820 and 2).  Exynos 8890.

Notably, the US gets the Snapdragon 820 Processor and rest of regions including India gets the Exynos 8890 for both devices.

The current generation of Samsung Galaxy S6 runs on the Exynos 7420 processor which is way faster than the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810.  Samsung earlier dropped the idea of using the SD 810 due to heating issues in the S6 last year.

As per some of the early benchmarks, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is slightly better in comparison to the Exynos 8890. We wonder why Samsung doesn’t want to keep the same processor for all regions, Why the special treatment for the US? Maybe because they can’t have so many of SD 820 due to supply constraints.

But overall the performance of the Exynos 8890 is very similar to the Snapdragon 820 and as per user reports the Exynos 8890 offers slightly better battery life.

You don’t need to worry about the SD 820 or Exynos when buying the S7/S7 edge as the performance is great.


Further, The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a screen size of 5.1 inches with Super AMOLED Quad HD Display, with 577 PPI and the S7 Edge comes with the curved 5.5 inches display which is one of the best screens on any smartphone out there.


Both the smartphones offer 4G LTE connectivity along with the VOLTE support and also has the Dual Hybrid Sim support.

Weight and Thickness

Lastly, the Samsung S7 has a thickness of 7.9 mm and weighs 156 grams while the Samsung S7 Edge has a thickness of 7.7 mm and weighs 157 grams, which is not too much considering the massive battery size.

So are you considering to purchase the Samsung S7 or S7 Edge in 2018?

Undoubtedly, the camera on the S7/S7 edge is incredible and the display quality is also unmatchable. But it lacks certain essential features like an 18:9 display, portrait mode or the USB type C port which may be important for many buyers. However, it is not a bad deal for the price, I would suggest go with the S7 edge as it offers slightly better battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Top Features

Samsung finally got the wraps off its flagship for this year, Samsung had finalized its flagship S7 and S7 edge to show off at the MWC event.

Price for the Samsung Galaxy S7 is Rs. 48,900 while the Samsung S7 Edge will cost Rs. 56,900 for the 32 GB version. The price for the 64 GB version of the smartphones is yet not shared by Samsung India. Those who pre-book before 17th March gets the Samsung VR headset with both the smartphones. You can book the smartphone from Flipkart.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Are Perfect Android Mobiles

The New Samsung Smartphones are perfect Android devices one can wish for in 2016.

The 7 things which were lacking on the last year Samsung Galaxy S6 are improved by Samsung this year.

  1. Improved Battery Life and Large Capacity Batteries
  2. Faster Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 Processor , Adreno 530 GPU , Vulcan API support
  3. VR Headset bundling 
  4. Liquid Cooling 
  5. Improve Camera – Both Rear and Back
  6. WaterProof and Dust proof
  7. SD Card Support upto 200 GB

The Galaxy S7 have the same hardware specs that we saw from most benchmark leaks , and also most other features of the S7 and its Edge are what we anticipated.

And this time without failing from its design ethics Samsung had used S6’s design language for S7 which is okay considering there are a lot of other improvements and design for the S6 is rather good.

Internally the S7 got several improvements and rectified some of the shortcomings of S6 like the absence of SD card, better water resistance without cover flaps and a larger battery pack and others as mentioned above.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is packed with small improvements make a big difference on overall user experience, like Always on display, IP68 rating, fast wireless charging and big battery capacity.

And there is no absence of gimmick additions like heart rate sensor, Blood oxygen level sensor etc

Let’s start with the screen, the Galaxy flagships always gets the best when it comes to display and its worth saying that Apple too prefer samsung displays for its products.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is given a 5.1 inch quad HD display and its stretched a bit to give 5.5 inch for the S7 edge but noticeably the S7 edge has a very good screen to body ratio which makes it feel smaller in hand.

Samsung have given a Always on display to show things like clock and notifications. This is similar to what we seen on the LG G5.

Samsung says its not going to have a toll on battery life, and whenever you slide it into your pockets, the proximity sensor will turn off the display.

The camera section carries a 12 MP main shooter and you may think its a downgrade from S6 but the new sensor comes with larger pixels and more autofocus points,

Samsung says the pixel size is kept large to let in more light and the aperture size is f 1.7 which is much better than the Galaxy S6 or even the Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

For the front, there is no special offerings for selfie lovers as both S7 and S7 edge have same old 5 MP camera for taking selfies.

The processor and storage space are model dependent.

Samsung S7 and S7 Edge will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 for the U.S and the other parts will get the Exynos 8890 (India is also likely to the Exynos 8890).

The Exynos 8890 is said to be 30 percent more powerful than the Exynos 7420, still staying low on battery consumption.

The RAM is 4 GB and there is no differential version based on RAM.

It will be more interesting to see the benchmarks and real-world gaming performance for both the Samsung 820 and the Exynos 8890, we expect both to have very close performance and it will be a close contest which is going to be a better processor.

Samsung is still not ready to implement the reversible USB type C which they believe that the market is not right at the moment and may take a couple of years to become mainstream.

Samsung says its Gear VR’s compatibility with micro USB as a story for not having the latest USB Type C.

The battery has got bigger and it would have relieved lot of Samsung fans and is now 3000 mAh for the S7 and the S7 Edge got even large 3600 mAh battery.

The battery pack is nonremovable and the battery section supports both fast charging and wireless charging

Registration for both the devices were open now and the sales will start on March 11, Samsung is giving free VR headset for those who register for the device and an earlier delivery on March 8.

Full Specs for Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Screen: 5.1 inch Quad HD  (1440 x 2560)
  • Processor: Snapdragon 820 / Exynos 8890
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 32 GB with micro SD slot upto 200 GB
  • OS: Android Marshmallow 6.0
  • Rear Camera: 12 Mega Pixel
  • Front Camera: 8 Mega Pixel
  • Battery: 3000 mAh
  • Connectivity: LTE
  • Micro USB: Yes
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Dust Proof: Yes
  • Other features: Always on display, Heart rate sensor, Motion panorama, wireless charging, IP 68 rating.

They would have been more perfect if Samsung would have added an 8-megapixel front selfie camera and priced them a bit cheaper.

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