Indian Startup is Making Wearables of Future – Boltt

Indian Startup is Making Wearables of Future – Boltt

Indian Startup is Making Wearables of Future – Boltt – My New Year resolution is to be “able” to “wear” everything I want & like. Sounds similar to what you think every January?? This January at CES, companies are deciphering your minds and building technology to suit your needs & encourage the use of technology in every walk of life.

Smart watches & wearables have been a rage all throughout last year. Tech Stalwarts have been competing to make these wearables an everyday accessory that people can effortlessly carry without even having to actually carry it. Indian techies may have been a little slow to “Startup” in this race, but yes they’re making their presence felt this year at the CES.

Indian Startup is Making Wearables of Future

Boltt, an Indian company that specializes in fitness technology has launched a batch of Artificial Intelligence run smart gear. Of the products launched were fitness trackers, stride sensor, connected shoes & a virtual health assistant-‘B’. We are always pleased here at Candytech, whenever an Indian start up tries to make some new strides in the tech world.

Arnav Kishore, the founder & CEO of Boltt stated that the company thrives on the vision of incorporating changes in the regular fitness regimes & upgrade it with a combination  of new age thinking & technology.

Indian Startup is Making Wearables of Future

The features of the unique connected shoes are worth emphasizing. Energy bounce back, impact absorption, supportive cushioning balance & balanced gripping ground control that supports natural & comfortable movement.

The stride sensor that comes implanted in the connected shoes are also available separately and can be paired well with any shoes of your choice or be supported by means of an ankle band. The features are not limited to just running or jogging in general.

The sensor is well equipped to scrutinize performance standards for sports as well. Be it soccer or hockey or rugby or any field game that gets your sweat glands active, it can help you sum up your performance technically. The makers claim that the gear offers up to 97 per cent of accuracy.

Connecting the gears and you is the Boltt mobile app. It pivots all the aspects together giving you a summarized view of all aspects affecting your health. This includes your training metrics, diet & nutrition as well your sleep patterns. ‘B’- the virtual assistant works on the concept of real time interaction making the voice coaching more effective & appealing to users.

This virtual assistant is programmed to be an all-day guide & trainer on the go.  So it’s like having a personal trainer anytime anywhere you want & decide.

So, prep up & let not your spirits sink!! Match up to your goals & leave no stone unturned this new year!!

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