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Intel 8th Gen, AMD RX Vega M Processor is 40% Faster than GTX 1050

Intel 8th Gen Core Processors Powered By AMD Vega M Offers Incredible Gaming Performance for Laptops

Intel 8th Gen AMD RX Vega M GL is 40% Faster than GTX 1050

In the past, a lot of rumors pointed to a new chipset launch by Intel in collaboration with AMD. However, at CES 2018 the new Intel-AMD processor has come to life and boasts some serious performance upgrades.

In this unprecedented move, Intel has partnered with AMD, forgetting years of rivalry, to make a new mobile processor using AMD RX Vega GPU.

To recall, AMD’s Raja Kaduri (ex-boss of Radeon technology Group) moved to Intel last year and this new synergy is a result of both companies working together.


Intel and AMD collaborating, is like Steve Jobs agreeing to use Windows as second Os on the Mac.

For starters, Intel’s new chip is a large rectangular block that carries both an Intel 8th Generation processor and the AMD RX Vega M graphics processing unit. It is unlike, the old square-shaped Intel processors.

The graphics performance is Achilles heel for Intel and the new partnership helps to overcome this adversity.

Specs and Hardware Details for AMD RX Vega M GL and GH

To clarify, these processors are meant for Laptops or small PC (Intel NUCs) but not for desktop computers. Typically, the high-end Core i5 or Core i7 Intel processors are paired with the Nvidia GTX 10 series graphics cards to fuel the gaming laptops. On the other hand, these new chips come with the RX Vega M GPU bundled with the Intel 8th-Gen Laptop processor.

Furthermore, AMD is offering two GPU Variants:
  1. AMD RX M GL – To use in Laptops.
  2. AMD RX M GH – (comes with higher clock speed). To use in the small pcs or Intel NUCs.

Notably, Intel has released total 5 processors out of which 4 are Core i7 Processors and 1 Core i5 processor. These come with 4 Cores and 8 threads with a base clock speed of 3.1 GHz. The boost clock speed goes upto 4.2 GHz on the fastest Core i7-8809G processor.

Intel processor line-up includes Core i7 8809G, 8709 G, 8706 G, 8705 G and the Core i5 8305 G. Also, the 8809G and 8709G uses the RX Vega M GH graphics card while other processors come with the Vega M GL GPU.

So, we will see 8706 G, 8705 G and the Core i5 8305 G in the latest laptops running Intel-AMD processor.

Below is the set of Intel processors released and the configuration details of each chipset.


As the below slide from Intel official presentation states, these are the first H series processors and more will come in the future. These are the first consumer-grade mobile processors to utilize HBM2 and comes with a TDP of 65 watts.


The new processor uses the EMIB (Embedded Multi-Die Interconnected Bridge) to transfer data at light speed between the HMB2 modules and the Vega M GPU. The design helps to save a lot of space as the HBM2 memory modules are stacked on each other in comparison to the GDDR5 memory modules that occupy more board space.


The 4K resolution displays are supported by the 8th Gen H series chips and even supports the HEVC and VP9 Hardware encoding.

Additionally, the processors use high-speed dual channel Ram. Also, both the processor and the Graphics card are overclockable to unleash more power.

Furthermore, the Vega M GH comes with 24 compute units, 1536 stream processors and 1190 MHz boost clock speed.

Contrastingly, the laptop processor, Vega-M GL comes with 20 compute units, 1280 stream processors, 1011 MHz boost clock speed.

Both the integrated graphics cards come with the AMD HBM2 (High bandwidth memory) with 4GB capacity.

Gaming Performance 8th Gen Intel Core Processor with Radeon Vega M GL graphics

Aforementioned, the Vega-M GL will power the gaming laptops while the GH version finds use in the smaller PCs.

New Intel 8th Gen, AMD RX Vega M Processor is 40% Faster than GTX 1050.



Intel has shared the performance benchmarks for the new processors. And the results are promising, it delivers upto 40% performance upgrade in Hitman and 30% faster performance in Deus X mankind, in comparison to Nvidia GTX 1050 (4GB).

Also, compared to the Nvidia GTX 950M the performance in some of the benchmarks such as Sysmark, 3D mark, and handbrake is splendid.

Gaming performance Radeon Vega M GH Graphics

Next, the more powerful graphics card Vega M GH in comparison to the Nvidia GTX 1060 ( 6 GB  VRAM) offers impressive performance.

In the Hitman it is 7% faster while in the Deus X mankind it is 13% faster, and in the Total War: Warhammer the Vega boasts 9% faster performance.



More Features and Details

For gamers, all this means thinner and more energy efficient gaming laptops. Intel shared that the thickness of next-gen laptops using these new chipsets can reduce from 33 mm to just 17 mm. Making new machines more portable and easy to carry.

Besides, gamers can overclock these machines and even use the AMD Free Sync technology, multi-monitor, and Relive to capture gaming sessions effortlessly.

Notably, AMD has previously released the Ryzen series of processors and desktop RX Vega graphics cards to battle Intel and Nvidia. On the other hand, Nvidia has the Max-Q technology used in laptops like Asus Zephyrus offering insane gaming chops.

Image and Information Source – Intel-newsroom

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