Intel Kaby Lake Refresh Arrives

Today, Intel has unveiled the new set of Laptop processors called the “Kaby Lake Refresh” or more commonly referred as the 8th Gen Intel Processors. Intel is a monopoly as far as the laptop processors are concerned, with AMD having a very little share of the processor market.

Intel 8th Gen Laptop Core i7, i5, i3 Processors

As per the information shared by Intel in a press release, the new processors (Core i7, Core i5, Core i3) offers a significant upgrade in comparison to the last generation of Laptop processors.

Besides, Intel claims that these new Kaby Lake refresh processors are 40% faster than the last gen and offers 2X the performance of a 5-year-old Intel laptop processor.

Also, the new processors are aimed at content creators and performance enthusiasts who want super fast performance from their machines. Further, the Intel 8th Gen Core i7, i5, i3 Processors comes with the ability to run VR applications and 4K content with highly optimized performance.

Notably, the Quad-Core desktop processors offer a boost to the gaming performance when bundled with the latest graphics cards. Also, Intel shared that the processors with new improved architecture will enable laptops to run longer and cooler.

Additionally, Intel 8th Gen processor comes with support for LP DDR3, DDR4 ram. It even has support for the PCI E 3.0.

Intel 8th Gen Processor Architecture

Intel 8th Gen Laptop Core i7, i5, i3 Processors Architecture

Intel 8th Gen Processors are 40% Faster

Gregory Bryant, senior vice president of Intel said in the press release, that there are 450 million PC’s that are more than 5 years old. It is a great opportunity to upgrade, as the new processors offer 2X performance.

What’s more, the new Intel chips can fit in machines that are much more thinner (11 mm) in comparison to the last Gen. Also, these thin machines can run VR as well as 4K videos.

Also, these are a must addition for content creators who will find that the photo editing time is 48% less in comparison to the last iteration.

Moreover, Video Editing speed is improved drastically. It is 14.7X faster in comparison to a 5-year-old equivalent processor.  Furthermore, Intel shared that the 8th Gen Intel Desktop processors will come in fall and we can expect them to be in the market around November 2017.

These new 8th Gen Intel processors are based on the 14 Nm manufacturing process similar to last gen. However, the company shared that some of the processors in the 8th gen may come with 10 Nm process.

Lastly, the laptops based on the Intel 8th Gen Processors are likely to hit the market by November 2017. But in India, we can expect that to happen in October or November as more and more OEM start bundling the new Intel 8th Gen processors.

New Intel 8th Gen Processors Launch Video:

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