New Coffee Lake Desktop Processors Are Here

Intel has launched the new 8th generation of Intel desktop processors called Coffee Lake. The 8th generation of Intel desktop processors is the successor to the current 7th Generation Kaby Lake series.


The new Intel processors come with more Core count compared to the previous generation of Intel Processors.

The Intel Core i3 (8th Gen) now comes with 4 Cores instead of the 2 cores on the 7th gen. Further, the Core i5 models now come with 6 Cores and have 6 threads while the older models came with 4 cores and 4 threads.

The Intel Core i7 (8th Gen) comes with 6 Cores and has 12 threads along with support for hyperthreading. AMD Ryzen processors have finally pushed Intel to offer more cores and higher performance which is why we need more competition from AMD.

The new Intel Processors will come with improved performance and as per Intel will offer up to 32% increase in performance over the last generation of processors. And the new processor is about 65% faster compared to a 3 years old gaming machine.

The new Coffee lake processors are based on the 14Nm manufacturing process and not the 10 Nm process. Intel has also said that some of the 8th Gen processors at a later stage will come with the 10Nm process.

Though Intel is likely to use the 10 Nm process for the 9th generation of Intel processors called as Cannon Lake. Notably, the Intel Processors will require new motherboard so you can add that as an expense if you are planning to upgrade to a new Intel Processor.

The Intel Coffee Lake, 8th Generation processors, are only compatible with the Intel Z370 motherboards, and if you have the Z170 or Z270 boards, they are useless.

Specs and Price Details for Intel Coffee lake Processors

Intel Coffee Lake Processors Specs and Price
ProcessorNo. of CoresNo. Of ThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockPrice $Price Rs.
Intel Core i3 – 81004 Cores4 Threads3.6 GHz1178746
Intel Core i3 – 8350K4 Cores4 Threads4.0 GHz16812558
Intel Core i5 – 84006 Cores6 Threads2.8 GHz4.0 GHz18213605
Intel Core i5 – 8600k6 Cores6 Threads3.6 GHz4.3 GHz25719211
Intel Core i7 – 87006 Cores12 Threads3.2 GHz4.6 GHz30322649
Intel Core i7 – 8700K6 Cores12 Threads3.7 GHz4.7 GHz35926835

*Indian Price mentioned above is expected and can vary based on GST and other taxes.

The graphics processing unit on the new Intel Processors is the Intel Graphics UHD 630, which offers support for 4K as well as DirectX 12.

The Intel Core i7 8700K and the Intel Core i5 8600K comes with 95 Watts TDP while the Intel i3 8350K comes with 91 Watts TDP. Rest all the processors have a 65 Watts TDP. Another notable thing is Intel has launched a Core i3 model this time – 8350 with the “K” series which is overclockable.

For gamers looking to utilize the budget to the fullest can also opt for this processor and use a good after-market cooler to overclock it above 4.0 GHz.

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