iOS 10 Best New Features You Will Love

WWDC is the second Apple event in the year 2016. The first one of the year was held on 21 Mar 2016 which saw the launch of iPhone SE and iPad Pro among other exciting stuff. WWDC is being held from 13 Jun 2016 to 17 Jun 2016.

WWDC started with a Keynote on the first day and had announcements related to four of Apple’s operating systems, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Tim Cook took center stage, starting the Keynote by paying respect to victims of a terrorist attack the day before in Orlando, USA. WWDC is in its 27th year now, and Apple has a community of 13 million developers.

iOS 10 Best New Features You Will Love

In 8 years, App Store has increased its catalog from 500 apps to current 2 million apps. There have been a total of 130 billion app downloads, and the developers have earned $50 billion from the App Store.

There have been major upgrades to the iOS 10, and the new redesigned version 10 brings some of the best features to the Apple users.

iOS 10, newly redesigned version with ten new major upgrades.

1). Lock Screen

The lock screen has a new notifications view. The notifications can interact with the use of 3D touch. The notifications no longer darken the wallpaper in the background. Raise to wake is a new feature where just picking up the iPhone will power on the lock screen to show notifications.

Rich notifications

The control panel has been redesigned to be bigger, cleaner and simplified. The music controls are accessible by swiping right.

Swiping left on home screen displays widgets.

2). Siri

Siri is now open to 3rd party apps. It can, therefore, be used to send messages over not just native apps but also 3rd party apps like WhatsApp, Slack, and WeChat. Siri can search photos in Shutterfly and Pinterest, can be used to stop workouts in Runtastic and RunKeeper, send payments with Square and make VoIP calls with Spark, Vonage, and Skype.

3). AI

Siri is using deep learning technique called LSTM (long short-term memory), which can be used to offer relevant contact info, read messages to add calendar events automatically.

4). Photos

Photos now include facial recognition engine to identify faces. It can also identify objects and scenes. All this is done locally on the phone to ensure privacy. Memories is a new tab, which makes use of AI to cluster photos together. Photos will automatically assemble photos and make summary by highlighting important pictures. Memory will also create movies, which can be edited to make it short or long, change music based on mood.


5). Maps

The app has been redesigned to make the interface simpler. Suggestions are displayed by sliding from the bottom. Based on the time of the day or calendar events, the app can suggest the places to go. New navigation design, is easier and cleaner. Maps now add traffic information. Map also adds relevant information such as petrol pumps and restaurants along the way and extra time that will be taken to go there. Maps will be available in CarPlay too. Maps will also be now open to developers – extensions that will allow carrying out tasks from within the Map app such as to make restaurant reservations, book taxis, etc.


6). Apple Music

The app has been redesigned from the ground up to make it simpler. The first tab in Music is now a library. You can now see the lyrics to the song in the app. Daily curated playlists are provided in the new For You section. Discovery Mix tab allows for finding new music. Radio tab is available in 100 countries.

iOS 10 Best New Features You Will Love

7). Apple News

News app has been redesigned to offer simpler interface. Sections with news articles, Trending section for latest news. Sections build news based on your interests. Subscription is a new feature coming to News. Breaking News will show notifications on lock screen.

Apple News

8). Homekit

The new app aims to clear out the incompatible and insecure protocols. The new app called Home to help tie together all the smart home accessories, including 3rd party ones. Scenes –  allows for control of multiple accessories, like Good night or Good morning to manage multiple accessories at once. You can link door camera to iPhone and see video display of the camera on the iPhone lock screen. watchOS 3 comes with built-in home control support too.

9). Phone

New notifications for missed calls, voicemail transcription. Better spam caller detection. VoIP apps will be integrated with a Phone app

10). Messages

New features include Rich links. The links display media and play it inline, such viewing of videos directly from a shared YouTube link. Since emesis is widely used in mobile communication these days, the display of emojis has been made three times bigger to make them visible.

Apple messages

Emoji is a new feature when licking on emoji keyboard will highlight and allow replacing of relevant text with emojis. Another new feature is Bubble effects, where you can add effects to your message bubble such as slam, loud, gentle and invisible ink. Messages now support handwritten messages. Tapback allows responding to a particular message with your feedback.

Digital touch can be used to send photos and videos along with handwritten notes. Full Screen is another effect you can add to your message that plays in the background on the entire message screen. You can play shared Apple Music right from messages.

Messages are open to developers thru iMessage Apps. Apps for Messages can install in App Drawer. New apps for Messages can be such as Stickers, Payments through messaging (square cash), order food, etc. Mac and Apple Watch can receive these new messages, but can’t send them.

Besides these announcements, there are a lot more features/upgrades announced such as:

  • Notes collaboration – Multiple users can collaborate on a single note across devices.
  • Live photos editing
  • Safari split view on iPad
  • End to end encryption
  • On device intelligence – AI on device
  • No user profiles to protect privacy.
  • Differential privacy – research, statistics, and analytics through crowdsourcing, to aid learning without breaching user privacy.
  • Swift Playgrounds, a new app for iPad to make people and kids learn how to code using Swift. It offers lessons and tests through challenges.

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