iOS 11 Top Features You Will Love

Top New Features for iOS 11

The latest version of iOS, the iOS11 is here. Here are some of the best features you would love in the new OS for your iPhone and iPad. The new iOS is built around core technologies namely Metal, Machine Learning & Augmented Reality.

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A lot of innovative stuff on the iOS is possible due to Machine Learning that uses on-device processing of information to maintain privacy.

iMessage Redesign

The iMessage app comes with a better App Drawer and is more easily accessible now. Also, the messages are saved on Cloud and all devices are in sync. Further, Any message deletion on one device will delete it across devices.

The older messages are encrypted and stored on the Cloud freeing up device space.

iOS 11 Top Features You Will Love

Apple Pay now supports person to person payments. The feature is now part of the iMessages app and uses Touch ID for authentication. It’s available on Apple Watch as well.

Siri Improvements

Siri is better at speech recognition and can pronounce the same word differently according to context. The new voice sounds much more natural. Siri comes with a new interface and new features such as voice translation in real time.

Siri learns from the content on the devices and syncs the learning’s across the devices. It allows for a better seamless experience. The supported languages are English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

iOS 11 Top Features You Will Love

Siri Kit for developers now supports more apps such as Notes, WeChat, Omnifocus, etc.

Camera – New HEVC format is now on iOS, which offers 2x compression. The developers have access to a new feature called Depth API. The camera offers better image quality, improved low light photography, Optical image stabilization, True Tone flash and HDR. Long exposure feature mimics taking long exposure photography resulting in some beautiful clicks.

Photos have improved Memories feature. It uses Machine Learning to create Memories by identifying photos on basis of events and occasions.

iOS 11 Top Features You Will Love

Live Photos comes with new functionalities, you can trim the videos. You can select any moment of the video as the primary photo. You can create effects with video such as seamless loops.

A New Control Panel.

You still have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access it. The layout is more spacious and has user-friendly, with bigger buttons. Also, you can adjust the volume using bigger vertical sliders that are easier to work without encroaching on other buttons. The 3D touch can reveal further controls and information.

iOS 11 Top Features You Will Love

The notification screen is changed and which was earlier somewhat confusingly combined with the lock screen.

Do not Disturb mode while Driving

There’s a new kind of CarPlay interface for people who don’t have a CarPlay car. There is a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature that uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Doppler effect to turn off your phone screen when you’re driving. Seems like a very smart and necessary feature for mobile addicts.

iOS 11 Top Features You Will Love

Home Kit

It has better support for multi-room speaker support. AirPlay 2 is refreshed with support from third-party audio devices manufacturers like Bang and Olufsen, Devialet, Libratone, Bluesound, Bowers & Wilkins.

MusicKit for Apple Music

Third-party apps can now access Apple Music. Apps like Nike, Anchor, and Shazam can interact with Apple Music.

Besides, the App Store comes with a new refreshing look. The main screen is a tab called ‘Today’ featuring big icons that you can scroll. Also, the games which is a major category gets its own tab. It even features curated stuff on the ‘Top Story’ tab.

AR Kit – With the help of Augmented Reality, the iPhone can recognize objects and create virtual objects on screen that seamlessly interact with the physical objects in view. It can track motion, make out boundaries of objects, estimate ambient light and create shadows of virtual objects, and supports Unity, Unreal and SceneKit.

QR code support built into the Camera especially for the Chinese market, accessible right from the Lock Screen.

iOS 11 Brings More Controls To AirPods and Support to Play Flac Files

There were several updates for the iPad as well in the new iOS 11, but due to the paucity of time, Apple was not able to share everything they wanted at the event.

More Controls To AirPods

Notably, usually, Apple has 2 events by this time of the year, this year they merged everything in a single event. Additionally, there were several other announcements to make including the launch of new iPad and iMac which left little time.

Anyways, the Good news is that the AirPod users now have more control over there devices with iOS 11.

The iOS 11 promises to bring support for FLAC files. Notably, FLAC is an audio format, originally developed in the 1990’s to take on the popular MP3 format.

FLAC offers very high definition sound with minimal loss of quality when compared to an MP3 file. It is also compact in size. Apple iPhone 6s and later already support the format with use of an APP but now the iOS 11 will have native support, reports MacRumors.

The benefit for the end users is to have high-quality sound experience and use lesser storage.

Another big update is More Controls To AirPods, that will also have support for playing the next/previous track and turn it off by double tap. Earlier users were only able to double tap to activate SIRI or play/pause the music.

Additionally, Apple has now assigned particular functionality to the Airpods where the user can assign different controls to the left and the right Airpod. That means you can double-tap to activate SIRI on one Airpod and double tap on the other pod for the next/previous track.

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