iOS 12 – Best Features: Memoji, Screen Time, Updated FaceTime, Faster Performance

World Wide Developer Conference, or better known as WWDC, is the yearly press conference where Apple shows its software prowess by bringing in software updates full of new features.


Apple is also known to showcase some new hardware at the WWDC, alongside an array of OS related announcements. But this year’s WWDC was all about software only.

Let us peek into the sea of software and software-related features that Apple keenly introduced last night.

iOS 12 

First and foremost, we all know that Apple is known for its simplicity and uniqueness that comes with its iOS operating system. And with the announcement of iOS 12 at WWDC, just like every year, Apple didn’t shy away from stating the fact that the upcoming version of iOS is going to much faster and better than any update before.

Apple claims that the iOS12 is designed in a such a way that the experience of using an iPhone and iPad will be much more delightful, responsive, and delightful.


How it affects the performance – iOS will make you swipe the camera app up to 70% faster, keyboard display will pop-up up to 50% more quickly, and launching app will be twice as fast as before, even with multiple apps open in the background.

FaceTime goes group

People have demanded group video-calling for long, and Apple has finally listened to them.


FaceTime in iOS 12 now comes with support for an audio/video conversation with up to 32 people at a single time.

That said, tile for the person who is speaking in the chat will get larger by itself when that person speaks making the conversation more meaningful.



Memoji is customized Animoji and is limited to iPhone X.

You can customize the Memoji according to your mood and style. It allows you to make an alter ego of your self or your avatar to talk with others.

Interestingly, it works in both iMessage and FaceTime.

Augmented Reality

With the introduction to ARKit 2, developers will be able to create AR experiences that multiple people can feel at once.

Firstly, a new iOS app called Measure will let the users measure actual objects as they point their camera at them.

Secondly, AR objects can be sent using Messages and Mail, starting with the new iOS 12.

Screen Time – Fight Your Smartphone Addiction

Finally, a feature to let you see how much time you’ve been wasting, or maybe making, surfing the web or playing the games.

Now parents can set timing-control on the apps their kids use, making them limit their phone usage.


Screen Time is a feature that will collect all the data about different websites, apps, and other stuff as long as the phone screen is on.

It is quite similar to a very popular iOS app, called Moment. The Moment app can track the screen-on usage along with the duration for which the user has been using the web, scrolling apps or doing any other task.

In Moment, users can set time limits for which they want to use the phone, and get a notification if they go beyond the daily or preset limits.

The primary concern here is to combat the smartphone addiction, both Screen Time feature and Moment app may prove to be very helpful.

For You tab

As per Apple, this new feature is set to showcase some of the user’s great moments from the photo library, and sharing them with the people as long as they are there in the photos.

Photo Search

It gives suggestions to the different already-existing photos in the Photos app, with or without typing anything in the newly-introduced search box.

There is an addition of numerous keywords to the Photo Search; You can refine the search results with ease.


watchOS 5

watchOS 5 is the successor to the last year’s proprietary software running the various Apple Watch variants.

It will be available to the users coming fall (October or November) and will be compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3.

Activity Competitions 


Now you can challenge your friends for a 7-day competition.

More actively you compete for your activities, more points you earn. Apart from that, users can share their activities with other people and create a challenge for each other.

Also, the user will be alerted, whether the opponent is leading or lagging, along with the score during the whole competition.

Hiking Option

Workout app now comes with a Hiking option. You can now measure and track the elevation or slant, and get credit for the calories burnt according to the altitude achieved.


watchOS 5 also offers you to see steps run, on per minute basis, which was not present on the previous iteration.

Apple Podcasts

A feature that has been readily available on the other Apple devices has now come to Apple Watch.

Apple Podcasts will let you listen to all the stories, news and more.


This simple-yet-funny app will let the user invite any compatible Apple watch user from their contacts for a one-on-one talk, on a tap.

Just like an actual walkie-talkie, press the on-screen controls, you are ready for chit-chat with your friend, as long as their Apple Watch is compatible.

Siri Gets Smarter

The process of interacting with Siri has become much easier with watchOS5.

Now, instead of saying “Hey Siri,” all you have to do is just raise your wrist. Raise your wrist, and you’re ready to speak with Siri.

Improved Notifications

Apple Watch will now have better notifications, thanks to watchOS5.

Different notifications from the same app will come clustered together, reducing the overall scrolling by maintaining uniformity.

Also, you can do actions on third-party apps from the App-Specific notifications.

Written By – Prateek Sharma  

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