iPad PRO 10.5 Inch Offers Great Display 40% Better Performance

iPad PRO 10.5 Inch Offers Great Display 40% Better Performance

The current iPad Pro consists of two models, the big 13” model and the more popular 9.7” model. Now we have another member added to the Pro family with a 10.5” display size. The new model features 40% smaller bezels allowing for a 20% larger display with similar overall size as the 9.7” model.

The display has a 600 nits of brightness (50% brighter), True Tone display, wide color gamut, low reflectivity, and HDR video support.

Apple iPad Pro

ProMotion – Normal displays refresh at 60Hz while the new iPad Pro supports up to 120 Hz refresh rate. It allows for smoother scrolling and better response in conjugation with Apple Pencil. The iPad Pro can dynamically adjust the refresh rate to conserve energy for better battery life.

The iPad Pro has the Apple A10X, Six Core Processor. Compared to the A9X, the A10X delivers 30% faster processing and 40% faster graphics. Three cores are high performance cores and three high efficiency cores. The GPU is a 12 core processor.

The iPad Pro has a 10 hour battery life, similar to the 9.7” model.

What’s new in the 10.5 Inch Apple iPad Pro

Camera – the iPad PRO 10.5 Inch comes with two camera, one at the back and one in the front which are same as those found on the iPhone 7. The primary camera at the back is a 12MP snapper with Optical image Stabilization.

Front camera is a 7 MP f/1.8 FaceTime HD snapper with wide colour capture and Retina Flash.

The iPad PRO 10.5 Inchhas USB 3.0 support for faster file transfer and faster charging. The interface remains Lightning port.

Apple iPad Pro
Apple iPad Pro

New Smart Covers come in polyurethane and leather materials with storage space for the Apple Pencil.

Storage and Models – The starting storage space for Pro models has been increased to 64GB. Pricing starting from $649 for the iPad Pro 10.5” 64GB model & $799 for the iPad Pro 12.9” 64GB model. Top end models come with 512GB storage and LTE support. Seems like it is the end of line for the 9.7” models.

The Dock – the app dock at the bottom of the screen can now accommodate more apps. There is a predictive area at the right end which shows apps that are likely going to be used next. The dock can be accessed anytime by swiping up and it opens in a Slide Over view.

Multi-Tasking – You can open two apps and switch between by swiping up. Both apps can be opened simultaneously using split View. New app switcher shows all the open apps as large tabs.

Drag and Drop – Now you can select one or more objects and drag & drop them on the iPad Pro. You can drag drop photos or URLs across apps.

Keyboard has improvements like accessing special character by pressing a key. You can flick up on a key and access punctuations without changing to the alternate keyboard layout.

Files – New app for file management. This is a first for iOS devices which traditionally has a very close file system and restricts sharing of files between apps. File managements apps like iCloud, DropBox are integrated and listed on the side within the Files app.

Apple Pencil – The Apple Pencil can be used to mark-up screenshots which show up as thumbnail at the bottom of the screen. You can unlock the iPad and return to Notes from lock screen by just touching the pencil to the screen. You can create in-line drawings in the Mail to customize your message.

iPad PRO 10.5 Inch Offers Great Display 40% Better Performance

Notes app has a camera scanner that can take a picture of documents and straightens it up before storing it. It’s really great if you have ever tried aligning the camera to a page on the desk and attempted to click it in a straight manner.

New Apple iPad Pro Ad

Apple is portraying the iPad Pro as device which is used to do work and here is a new commercial – The New iPad Pro On Any Given Wednesday. Apple wants to state that the new iPad Pro is not a device meant for entertainment, to binge watch your favorite netflix series on a Saturday, but to do work actually on a weekday.

Apple has also launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus recently.

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