Can You Really Buy an iPhone 6 for 10K from Flipkart

Planning to buy an iPhone 6? There are lots of reports that iPhone 6 is now available for Rs. 9,999 on Flipkart.  Flipkart is offering a huge exchange offer on the iPhone 6. The offer basically slices down the price to ₹9,990 by providing discount upto ₹22,000 on exchange of your old smartphone, whileUPTO” being the key word. Mind you its not any iPhone 6, the offer is exclusive for a 16 GB Space Grey variant. 

There’s an extra ₹5,000 discount from Flipkart hence the price is Rs. ₹31,990. People owning an Axis bank buzz credit card also benefit from an extra 5% discount.

Lot of Websites are reporting that the iPhone 6 is available to purchase for Rs. 9,999. The iPhone 6 story was reported by Gadgets 360. Even the Economic times reported it.

Can You Really Buy an iPhone 6 for 10K from Flipkart

Is it misleading Information, Yes it is.

The exchanging of old phones to get a discount also depends on the models of your smartphone. Hence the list provided must be referred to get an idea of the actual price one has to pay to avail the offer.

We tried several smartphones for OnePlus 2 you get Rs. 8,000 discount and purchase value is Rs. 24,040. With the iPhone 5s, exchange discount is Rs. 8,000 and the final value is again 24,000.

So after trying for sometime we figured out how you can get Rs. 22,000 discount and finally buy it for Rs. 10,000.

Can You Really Buy an iPhone 6 for 10K from Flipkart

You need to exchange your iPhone 6s Plus to get the iPhone 6 for Rs. 10,000 !!!

Some models like OnePlus One, Moto X Play etc are included in the list but range only from ₹4,000-6,000. Now that’s not the best re-sale value and especially when considering to buy an iPhone 6 which was released in the same year.

Probably it is not the best time to buy the iPhone 6, I would still suggest to go with the 6s or the iPhone 7 with 32 GB of storage, to use it for at least 2 more years.

The presence of iPhone 7 makes the iPhone 6 feel really outdated and one must know that its not a spec loaded smartphone anymore. There is a tough competition in the same price bracket which offer a lot for your money, like OnePlus 3T. Since its Apple one can’t neglect the excellent brand and iOS which makes up for other things.

Key specifications of iPhone 6

  • Screen- 4.7 inch (750 x 1334 pixels) display.
  • Processor- Apple A8 chipset
  • Ram- 1GB
  • Storage- 16GB non expandable
  • Camera- 8MP rear and 1.2MP front
  • OS- iOS 8
  • 4G/LTE support
  • Fingerprint sensor- YES.
  • Battery- 1810mAh.

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