iPhone 8 – 60Fps 4K Videos, Smart Camera Scenes, Wireless Charging

The new Apple iPhone 8 which is expected to launch next month is going to have some cool features to set it apart from the world of Android phones. The iPhone 8 promises these 3 new features as per the latest leaks.

While there was a report couple of days back that the Apple Flagship product has already gone into mass production and will be delivered on time. There are several new features including support for Augmented reality which Apple CEO Tim Cook have shared numouros times, OLED Display and in-display fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 8 - 60Fps 4K Videos, Smart Camera Scenes, Wireless Charging

60 FPS 4K Videos on iPhone 8

While the latest Leaks suggest that the iPhone 8 can have a much better video camera for record professional or home videos. It will come with the support for 4K videos at 60 FPS, currently the iPhone 7 Plus offers 4K videos at 30 FPS.

It will also help you do a slow motion shot when you record at 60 FPS at 4K in post processing. iPhone 8 is dubbed to have one of the best video cameras in the world when released. The latest leak camer from Camcapture capabilities from the OS source code.

The front camera is also mentioned to have 4K support but is unlikely and Apple may disable that.

Smart Scenes

The iPhone 8 camera with the iOS 11 will be able to adjust the camera and take shots based on the scene selection. There are several pre-built scenes in the camera App which will allow used to take better pictures by selecting the scene type first and then clicking the image.

There are several scenes mentioned like clicking images for babies, bright stage, clicking documents, fireworks, pets, shooting sports, sky, sunset and Snow.

The camera itself will adjust the aperture size and shutter speed to accomodate for fast moving objects and will also try to better color grade the image based on the scene selection.

These subtle and thoughtful addition make Apple iPhone one of the most popular phones in the world, while the PRO modes are good on mobile but most users can’t take better images with all those manual adjustments and usually they are time consuming to click a perfect shot or you need to be a pro. Apple is making things simple for shutterbugs.

Wireless Charging

Sources confirm that the iPhone 8 will come with support for wireless charging as the back side of the phone is also made of glass. Nobody has so far solved the wireless charging through metal back problem report suggest and Apple has also enrolled a vendor called Lite On Semi to fulfil the wireless charging components.

We have earlier listed the top 8 features including details of AR , Display sizes and Wireless charging in this post. Upcoming 2017 iPhone 8 Killer Features (including AR).


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