iPhone 8 To Offer Flexible OLED Display Says Sharp CEO

In the year 2007, Apple entered the mobile industry to create a ding in the market with their first iPhone. Steve Jobs introduced the new iPhone and it revolutionized the touch devices for ever.

Apple will be celebrating the 10th anniversary in the year 2017 and there is a good possibility that Apple may introduce some thing different and unconventional to mark the 10th year of iPhone.

It is true that iPhone 7 & 7plus are the best performing, most powerful smart phones till date. But are they a significant upgrade compared to the iPhone 6s? Most people don’t want to upgrade from the iPhone 6s to iPhone 7 but would wait for the next iPhone to come with ground breaking technology.

iPhone 8 To Offer Flexible OLED Display Says Sharp CEO

For all those people who are wondering what’s gonna happen on the 10th anniversary of Apple Sharp CEO has some early hints for you.

The CEO of Sharp, a major manufacturing partner for Apple confirmed that the flexible OLED panel display are to be featured  on the upcoming iPhone in order to make the phone thin and increase the battery life.

In addition to this, Ming-Chi-Kuo of the KGI Securities put out the word that the aluminum back won’t be featured instead, the good old all-glass casing back, covering the aluminum will be adopted which was packed in 4s earlier. Colors like space grey and jet black would make an irresistible combo to the all-glass back panel.

As per some of the early reports there could be a major design change for the upcoming iPhone 7s or iPhone 8.

The iPhone will have a reduced top and bottom bezel by eliminating the traditional home button which is not much needed to increase the screen coverage percentage. The bezels are boring and world is moving away from them as Xiaomi showcased that in the Xiaomi Mi Mix which has over 91% screen to body ratio.

Apple is bound to catch on the trend and may look for a minimalist look in the upcoming device.

We are to expect that the touch id will be integrated into the screen as we already saw this feature in the MacBook Pro 2016.

Word is out that three variants will be out next year, one being a premium version and also an additional iPhone 8 featuring a 5-inch screen. All new A-11 processor may debut  to boost the performance.


Also a Nikkei report stated that Foxconn, the major manufacturer of Apple devices is producing wireless modules for the next iPhone. This is a much awaited wireless charging feature that is already present in brands like Samsung.

The iPhone fans can be positive about this feature coming to the iPhone next year and we could see differentiation in the way it is implemented in the new iPhone.

Apple usually don’t do things first but they do it better than everybody else and differently.

Written By – Riyaz Roshan.

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