iPhone SE, iPad Pro Unveiled – Apple Event As It Happened

Live Event Details from Apple Headquarter in Cupertino

The first Apple Event of 2016 will commence at 10:30 pm IST on 21st Mar, Monday. The rumors have been whirling thick and fast about what to expect, and we have already covered most of the possible major announcements in our earlier post.

iPhone SE, iPad Pro Unveiled - Apple Event As It Happened

However given the intense secrecy that surrounds Apple products, we’ll know for sure soon enough. Here we’ll cover the event live as its happening.

Tim Cook is here. Apple turns 40 on 1st April – Apple gives a brief peek into its history in 40 seconds.

Tim Cook defiantly takes on the US Government on how much power the Government should have over our data.

Tim Cook talks about environmental impact and sustainability.

Lisa Jackson takes the stage and talks about the renewable resources and recyclable material used by Apple.

Apple showcases a robot called Liam that tears down your old iPhone! The video shows Liam at work, recycling a discarded iPhone meticulously sorting the components and it’s looking cool.

The recycling initiative has been labeled as Apple Renew. Apple is talking next about its Health app and Research Kit.

Another video is now playing telling us about the Research Kit. The video is showcasing the importance of the program to medical research. By leveraging the Apple devices, Apple aims to crowdsource health data. In conjugation with Hospitals, Apple seeks to help find an effective remedy to myriad diseases.

Jeff Williams introduces a new health-related framework called the Care Kit. The Care Kit is launching with its first new kit meant for Parkinson’s disease. The care kit empowers people to take a commanding role in their health care.

Tim Cook is back finally talking about the new products.

Apple watch

Tim Cook talks about the Apple Watch is the highest selling smart-watch and introduces new woven nylon bands for the Apple Watch in exciting colors.

New sports and leather bands for the Apple Watch and also the new black Milanese loop strap.

Price cut announced for Apple Watch by $50, now starting from $299.

Apple TV

Tim Cook is talking about the new Apple TV and great apps available for Apple TV.

New tv 2 with new features like folders for organizing content and comes with usernames and passwords.

Dictation is supported for verbal inputs.

Siri for accessing the App Store.

iCloud Photo Library with Live Photos is now supported.

Greg Jozwiak is on stage to introduce the new iPhone

iPhone SE

Apple has launched the new 4 inch iPhone SE. The smartphone is quite similar when compared to the older iPhone 5S. Apple spokesman said there is still a huge number of people who loved the iPhone 5S and want to have a similar size device with the capabilities of iPhone 6S.

iPhone SE, iPad Pro Unveiled

The iPhone SE  does precisely that and brings a lot of features and hardware specs from the iPhone 6S. The isight camera is improved and uses the same 12 MP camera on the 6S. It uses the same A9 processor which is available in iPhone 6s.

The starting model will be priced at $399 for the 16 GB. You can read All the details about the iPhone SE here.

iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is a 9.7-inch tablet from Apple which is similar to the Apple iPad pro launched six months back. The earlier iPad Pro is a large sized 12.9-inch tablet which is extremely popular with lots of professionals doing creative work.

The new iPad PRO offers most of the features of the original 12.9 inch iPad Pro and packs some new features too. The iPad Pro 9.7 comes with an adaptive  True Tone display measures the ambient light and adjusts the display to match the ambient light conditions.


The other notable feature is the inclusion of the 12 MP insight camera to click great pictures.  You can read more about the iPad Pro 9.7 in detail here.

Tim Cook is reviewing all the new Product launches and summarizing their features.

The event is drawing to a close as Tim Cook gives a glimpse of the new Apple building. We had a gamut of exciting new products and announcements from Apple. What an experience as always.

By the way, there were no new announcements for the Mac. The event comes to an end a shade under 70 mins with the guests invited for a hands-on demo.

Will the Apple iPhone SE be able to beat the slow period and clock in impressive numbers for iPhone shipments in India? The pricing in India will be the key.

We can expect the iPhone SE to reach the Indian shores in April going by the importance Apple is giving to India. With the frontline Galaxy S7 handset duo just beginning to ship to customers in India, Apple has taken the battle to enemy’s camp with their iPhone SE.

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