Is it Worth to buy Premium Android Smartphone

Lot of our readers email & ask me is it worth to spend extra money for the brand names like Samsung, Sony, HTC or even Apple iPhone; when similar specs are available in smartphones which cost 50% less than these top brands?

Is it Worth to buy Premium Android Smartphone

Premium Vs Budget Smartphones – There are lot of brands both Indian and Chinese which are selling some good smartphones for dirt cheap price, so does it really make any sense to go and spend the hard earned money on expensive branded smartphone.

There are lot of low cost smartphones which you can actually buy like the Yureka Plus , Lenovo K3 Note, Micromax Spark, Xolo era , Infocus M2, Moto E, Lenovo A 7000 etc..  which are good and have great specs for the price.

But still why people tend to like the premium smartphones is it just the brand association, or is it that they can brag about the new purchase or is it something more.

This is one of the tough questions,  does branded mobiles have any advantage beyond being a premium tag. We will get to that but first let’s get a clear idea on some important things.

Do You Have the Budget to spend on the Premium mobile ?

If you don’t have the budget to afford a smartphone above 10K or you don’t want to spend then it is a easy choice, go for the Xiaomi , Lenovo or Micromax or Xolo.  They are good smartphones and offer value for money.

Need to Spend Wisely – You can Afford a premium smartphone!

But what if you have money but still want to spend it wisely, and you are just looking for the answer, whether the additional money spent on the premium branded smartphone is worth it or not.

Then you are at the right place to understand this and beyond the pricey tag and ego boost, what else the premium brands offer.

Quality Control and Failures with Budget Smartphones

With Budget Android smartphones as cheap as Rs. 5,000 there are several issues and quality control failures.  The biggest annoyance is the smartphone overheating while gaming, talking or watching you tube videos.  The defects can vary ranging from call connect issues to unable to hear voice. Some of the smartphones are unable to connect with PC or Laptop, others have poor battery life and hang while opening apps.

The major cause for these are manufacturers not following stringent quality control norms and testing before the smartphones are released for sale. No wonder companies release upto 30-40 models a year.

The quality control and testing is more stringent for brands like Apple , Samsung , HTC and Sony. These smartphone also have defects but again the number of defective smartphones are lesser compared to the low cost brands.

The user reviews and number of issues reported by users on various forums and social media is huge for some of the popular low cost, higher specs models. The quality control in the higher priced brands are more stringent and hence the smartphones are less prone to manufacturing defects – people pay a premium for Apple , Sony, Samsung , HTC are not foolish, they are actually smarter in long run.

Though as with anything electronic there can be chances of defects and failures, the probability is just low with the premium brands.

Service Centers and Problem Solving.

The service center agents are more friendly and understanding with the top brands like Apple and Sony.

I don’t like to criticize any manufacturer but had a real negative experience with the Yureka support and many other buyers also faced the same as per huge negative reviews. For some of the buyers the Yureka smartphone works flawlessly. I am not singling out any brand but situation is grim for those who just ran out of luck and the smartphone happen to have some defect.

On the other hand there are manufacturers like Sony/Apple which listen to the customers and help resolve the issues faster and at times provide standby smartphones to users so their work does not get impacted.

Premium Smartphones Are they really Worthy?

As I said above also the premium brands like Apple, Sony , Samsung even Motorola, HTC are totally worth the extra price you pay. They provide peace of mind and are free from minor faults and issues. You don’t need to run to service centers, every now and then – which costs a lot of money and waste huge amount of time.

Even in case of any issues; the service center agents are more receptive and eager to help with the good brands. While you face harassment and need to make many calls, emails and visits before issues are sorted with some of the cheaper mobile manufacturers.

The smartphones have a better build quality and parts used are robust, which also ensures a longer life span compared to the cheaper parts and material used in low cost smartphones.

Specs is just one part of the story – servicing and user experience is other, often neglected. Cheaper deals may look enticing but if you spend higher once you will have a better experience in the long term.

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  1. I used nokia lumia 925 (bought at ₹ 28500 with exchange of used blackberry) for 14 months and one day it suddenly stopped working for motherboard crash due to moisture. It was supposed to be repaired at the cost of ₹10000.
    I instead decided to go for a cheaper phone and finally bought Karbonn Sparkle V at ₹ 5200. Within one month of purchase it fell down in the water and remained there for 25 minutes. I had immediately took out the battery and kept it in sunlight for 2 days ( more than 48 hours). To my utter surpises, it than started working flawlessly and till now (more than a year) it hasn’t given me any trouble. As usual it is still falling on the floor quite often. All apps, features are working properly. Systems automatically updated from android 4 to android 6.0.1. I am using it with google drive and my entire data is synced on cloud.
    May be its luck or chance or whatever I am highly satisfied with this set.
    My suggestion – invest in features of the phone not in brand. I am sending this comment from same Karbonn Sparkle V.
    Choice is always with buyer.

  2. “premium devices are made with robust parts”… This sentence doesnt make sense all….. Please just dont say anything based solely on ur logical thinking that if its costly it will have good parts…. Just drop a samsung/sony/apple/htc phone and u will know how robust the parts are… On the other hand I have dropped my mmx, my friend dropped his karbonn other dropped his lava all in water and absolutely nothing happened to our phones while the same friend dropped his Samsung and guess what it wont work again!!!

  3. Totally shitt article
    Get ur facts right dude
    Yu is the most notorious of all and guess for how many months this company is existing.
    I do use HTC one m7 and let me tell u how badass they are. They kept my phone for 23 days and didn’t even provide me a spare one
    Singling out yu won’t work compare lenovo with Samsung line and get ur results on ur face

  4. Yeah even I bought a infocus m2 4g after looking at the amazing hardware spec which is meant to be value for money just like u said.but now no future updates for this phone plus heating issues and 4g connectivity ,less support for even buying a pouch or case or even a scratch guard or at the worse end bad experience of service centers.earlier my sis had a xolo q610s (the phone was too good in terms of performance and connectivity and even i can say its an all rounder too)one day phone fell into payasam (a south Indian dish) my me then I bought it to a authorized service center then they said phone mboard was totally damaged and so new board needs to be bought for 3 thousand (the phone price while we bought it was around 6500) then they said we’ll return it in 2 weeks but they didn’t return it.then we requested they said we’ll send main centre at new Delhi(in my life I didn’t visited new Delhi)for that awful it took around 1 month even they can’t able to fix then they said the phone was totally damaged and so my sister got very angry this thing finally after few months she bought aHTC desire 526g plus which meant meant tube premium with hefty price tag of 12k(but my infocus has nearly same spec at 5.5k).many of my friends had a wish to buy apple iPhone 6 or Samsung galaxy s6 edge,etc.and so in long pursuit of buying a good phone I don’t know what’s gonna happened in the future….

  5. Yes each & every aspect u said is really true.. If u take my own experience owning Motorala’s Moto G2 very much satisfied & had almost 0% faults.. B4 buying this mobile my concern was related to Specs & service centre.. Motorola stands a strong in it.. Thanks moto love u..

  6. I am not agree with you. I am using mi Redmi note and 1s and till date I haven’t face a single issue. And how u said that they release lots of phones in year. I haven’t seen mi releases few phones. And yaa Yu service is worst but you can’t say Samsung is gud CS charges huge amount to repair phones I have seen. So don’t say that buy don’t buy cheaper phones. One plus one vs S6 price and specs just compare it

    • Thanks Manish for your feedback every user have different experience with different brand:) – Cheaper and premium phones both are good for different set of people


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