JIO 4G Offer Last Date Extended Till 31 March 2017

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance JIO, at an event in Mumbai announced today that the Reliance JIO 4G Offer last date is extended till 31st March 2017.  The offer was earlier expected to end on 31st December 2016, but now 3 more months are added. All Reliance JIO existing as well as new users can use the free JIO 4G unlimited Voice and data offer till 31st March.

Mukesh Ambani stated that the new offer is termed as the “ Happy New Year Offer” and all existing users will also get the offer by default without doing anything from their side. There is no need to buy a new sim to avail the extended offer.

JIO 4G Offer Last Date Extended Till 31 March 2017

Reliance JIO confirmed that they have been able to onboard 52 Million subscribers since September 5 launch of the free offer for everyone.

Why JIO is Offering 4G Offer Till 31st March 2017

As there are a huge number of subscribers, who are using the JIO 4G data offer and daily using 4 GB of data as per current FUP ( fair usage policy).  The excessive usage of data, by around 20% of JIO subscribers, is causing the network congestion and also making the experience poor for other subscribers.

Mukesh Ambani told that 8% of towers have serious congestion issues while remaining 92% of the tower has no such issue. Since of a lot of subscribers have not experienced the good quality network, due to both congestions as well as POI (points of interchange) disallowed by other telecom operators.

The high call drop issue is getting resolved, with other operators like Vodafone, Airtel, and Idea allowing for the call termination on their network. Though still there is 20% call drop rate, from as high as 90% when they started operation.

The service quality is not what JIO wanted for its customers and JIO is taking steps to improve the experience. Only after experience improves, JIO management thinks they should start charging their customers. And till than users can enjoy the network for free, along with the JIO APPs.

In fact, free offer helps JIO to gain more subscribers. Further, JIO is expected to gain another 30 to 40 million more customers by March end. Also, it has taken a major step to improve service, the change of free usage limit.

JIO Data Usage Capping is Changed from 4 GB To 1 GB per Day

To curb the network congestion issues, and offer better service to its customers, JIO is reducing the per day data usage per sub. Earlier all subscribers were able to use up to 4 GB of data and now the data is capped at 1 GB. You can daily use 1 GB data without any speed capping. But after 1 GB, the speed is capped to 128 KBPS. Ideally, you can use 30 GB of free data on the JIO network per month, but with the new policy, it will be difficult to use it beyond 1 GB as the speed will be too slow.

How to Use More than 1 GB DATA on JIO SIM

Though the silver lining is, you can also use 2 JIO sim cards, on the same smartphone, to increase your daily data limit.  As per my information earlier it was not allowed to use 2 JIO sims in the same 4G smartphone, but now JIO has allowed it.

You can even use 2 smartphones to download more than 1 GB data per sim, ideally, you should be able to utilize up to 4 GB data in 1 day on two Dual sim smartphones.

JIO has been able to expand it’s base to 52 million subscribers and may likely hit 100 Million by March 2017 as was the dream of Mukesh Ambani. Though, the litmus test for JIO will be when they actually start charging subscribers. Whether the subscribers will stick to a paid service or will they bail out, we wait and watch.

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