Jio Phone Processor Details, WIFI, FaceBook, WhatsApp HotSpot Support

JIO Phone FAQs and Features Explained

People looking to buy the JIO phone are asking several questions, that we will try to answer in this post. The JIO Phone was launched by Mr. Mukesh Ambani on 21st July 2017.

Notably, it is available for free but you need to deposit a Rs. 1500 refundable amount to JIO, in order to get the new JIO Phone. The pre-Booking starts from 23rd August both from the My JIO app, by visiting JIO retailers and digital stores.

Let’s look at some of the key questions and their answers.

Does the JIO Phone support for WIFI, FaceBook, WhatsApp, HotSpot?

There is yet not a 100% clarification what features the JIO phone will have out of these. Since the phone itself is under-development and there is still more than a month for it to go on sale. The sale starts in September 2017.

Jio Phone Processor Details, WIFI, FaceBook, WhatsApp HotSpot Support

To that end, after digging into these features, here is what we got.

Does the JIO Phone support FaceBook?

Yes, it has support for Facebook but JIO is yet to confirm this. Also, NDTV Gadgets shared this information.

Does the JIO Phone come with support for WhatsApp?

As was pointed by Financial Express and several other news media websites, the phone does not support for WhatsApp. Not to mention, at this stage, it is unlikely to have WhatsApp.

However, we think that WhatsApp is a really essential feature with 200 Million Indian users. And JIO should include it on the feature phone.

Does the JIO Phone Support Youtube?

The Phone is likely to come with support for Youtube Application (not confirmed). Nevertheless, it comes with support for MyJio, JioTV, JioCinema, JioChat, JioMusic, JioXpressNews.

Support for WIFI connection or creating a HotspotYes, JIO Phone come with support for connecting to a WIFI network (Confirmed By official JIO Phone specs)

Mobile Hotspot – It is not officially communicated whether the phone offers support to create a mobile hotspot – but it is likely to have this feature (not confirmed).

It comes with the following features and will also have the support for NFC (confirmed). The phone also comes with voice command support.

How to Buy the Free JIO Phone (Booking, Sale Date)

What Processor is Used in the JIO Phone?

JIO has officially shared that the JIO Phone uses a  1.2 GHz Dual Core processor, manufactured by Spreadtrum. The smartphone comes with an SPRD 9820A/QC8905 Chipset. What’s more, The it comes with the Mali-400 GPU with a clock speed of 512 MHz. Also, the phone comes with 512 MB of Ram and runs on the KAI OS.

Additionally, 28 NM process is used to make the processor. So, we can expect decent battery life and performance from it.

Does JIO Phone have NFC Support?

Yes JIO Phone comes with NFC support and even has support for micro USB 2.0.

Is JIO Phone a Dual Sim Smartphone?

No, the JIO Phone comes with a single Nano sim support as confirmed by the official specs shared by the company.

What is the Storage on JIO Phone and is it expandable?

The JIO Phone comes with 4 GB of internal storage and you can expand the storage to 128 GB using the Micro-sd card slot.

How to Buy the JIO Phone and What does it actually Cost?

You will need to spend Rs. 1500 on JIO Phone and additionally will need to recharge it with Rs 153. Can read more details here – How to Buy the Free JIO Phone.

I have answered some of the key questions, based on the prelim information we have got for the JIO Phone. If You have to share some information or update please add that to the comments below. Also, if you have any queries please ask that as well in the comments below.

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