Kitkat Gaining Popularity with 13.6% Share in June 2014

Google has posted its latest Android Share figures, revealing that KitKat is gaining momentum.It is quite evident in the Indian context as well that Kitkat is capturing the share & leading Motorola to a high position and propelling sales of online retailer Flipkart to the sky.

Android Market Share
Android Market Share

Google this week rolled out a new KitKat version, Android  4.4.3, which is rolling out soon to Nexus devices, and should hit other Motorola handsets very more quickly and news is there that Moto G & Moto X will soon get the update.

Android Market Share
Android Market Share

Based on data for a  7-day period lasted on June 4 revealed that KitKat has now on 13.6% of Android devices, up from 8.5% in May. That percentage is still smaller than Gingerbread’s, which is at 14.9% (down from 16.2% in the previous period). Likely that Kitkat will overtake Ginger Bread in next one month

Jelly Bean is still the ruler of the Android OS, with a combined 58.4% share for June, down from 60.8% a month ago. Jelly Bean versions still running on Android smartphones and tablets, the almost two-year-old Android 4.1 is on 50% of them. We anticipate a decline in JB share as well with low-end devices getting KitKat as OS and volume drivers will increase the Kitkat share.

With Android Lollipop being rolled out on the new Nexus Devices and other smartphones like Motorola, Jelly Bean is the most popular Android version on Android smartphones as per the report by Google.

The Jelly Bean has over 45% Share of the total Android devices, and it has been more than a year since KitKat was launched with the Nexus 5. Still, KitKat has not been able to overtake the Jelly Bean version. Though KitKat has now managed to become the second most popular version of Android with 34% market share it may take another 3-4 month at least to overtake Jellybean and become the largest Android version globally.

Here is the Complete Android Version market Share:

Android Kitkat Market Share Grows Jelly Bean Still largest

Android Version Share Dec’14 : (Android KitKat Market Share Grows Jelly Bean Still largest)

  • Froyo the old version of the Android has a meager 0.5% Share.
  • Gingerbread has 9.1% Share.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich is at 7.8% share.
  • KitKat is at 33.9% share.
  • Jelly Bean leads the pack with 48.7% share.

Data collected during a 7-day period ending on December 1, 2014. Any versions with less than 0.1% distribution are not shown. Hence we can conclude Android Lollipop, despite all the hype, is merely available with less than 0.1% Android users. If you have already Android Lollipop, then you are the most privileged Google customer.

If we compare it the Android Share in June 2014 here is what has happened in last six months:

Android Share June VS Dec 14

June’14 VS Dec’14 Comparison of Android Version Market Share:

  • Jelly Bean was at 58% and has dropped by 10% Share in previous six months.
  • Android KitKat has gained 20% market share.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich has gone down by 4% roughly.
  • GingerBread has decreased by almost 6%.
  • Froyo has dropped by 0.5%, and it may die out soon in next 3-4 months.

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