Let’s explore the best prepaid recharges/plans for Vodafone-Idea users. There are several recharges that are available for Vodafone Idea users that offer unlimited voice calls, Talktime offers rate cutters for local/STD/ISD calls.

For your ease, we have segregated the plans based on the type of usage you have. Also, these plans are updated in Jan 2021 by us so you don’t have to worry about the correctness of these. 

Best Plans For Voice only usage

The best voice call recharge starts from Rs 50 and ends with a Rs 5000 recharge. In the table given below the highlighted offers are also come with Vi movies and T.V access.

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
50Rs 39.37 talk timeunlimited
100Rs 81.75 talk timeunlimited
500Rs 423.73 talk time, Vi movies, and TV accessunlimited
1000Rs 847.46 talk time, Vi movies, and TV accessunlimited
5000Rs 4237.29 talk time, Vi movies, and TV accessunlimited

Best Unlimited Voice and Daily data

If you are looking to get a monthly data+unlimited voice calls plan can opt for the Rs. 249 option. If you can spend a little more than the Rs. 399 plan with 1.5 GB daily data and unlimited calls is a better option. 

If you want a lot of daily data then the Rs. 449 plan is excellent. It offers 4GB/day data for 56 days and unlimited voice calling benefit. 

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
2191GB per day (Total 28GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day28 days
2491.5GB per day (Total 56GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS/day28 days
3991.5GB per day (Total 84GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS / day56 days
4494GB per day (Total 224GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS / day56 days

Unlimited High-Speed Night Internet Offer (12:00 am to 6:00 am)

Vodafone Idea has launched a new Unlimited high-speed Night-time Data offer for users that have recharged with Rs. 249 or more on or after 16th February 2021. 

The offer is applicable for all prepaid subscribers and even if you have done a recharge with a 2 or 3-month plan on or after 16th Feb you will be able to use the unlimited internet between 12 to 6 am.  


It is a clever move by the brand as they usually have no capacity issue during night hours and will help them reduce subscriber Churn. 

Best High Data Plans

If you have a consumption of high data, then we got only two high data offers that suit your need and also come with weekly data rollover benefit and Vi movies and T.V access.

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
2994GB per day (Total 112GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS / day28 days
4494GB per day (Total 224GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS / day56 days


Best Long Validity Plans

Some people only prefer 3 months and 12-month data plans as this plan offers some discount and you don’t have to do a recharge every month.

For those, we have shortlisted the six best long-term recharge offers – Rs 795 and Rs 2595 also provide Zee5 premium subscription (1 year).

The Rs. 599 plan offers the best value as it gives you 1.5 GB of Data and unlimited calls for 84 days. 

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
5991.5GB per day (Total 126GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS84 days
6994GB per day (Total 336GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS84 days
7952GB per day (Total 168GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS / day, Zee5 premium subscription (1 year)84 days
23991.5GB per day (Total 547.5GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS / day365 days
25952GB per day (Total 730GB), unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS / day, Zee5 premium subscription (1 year)365 days

Best Data Vouchers

If you are looking for increasing the data benefit you can do these recharges.

For add-on data, Rs 98 recharge is the best low-cost offering and Rs 355 gives you some extra benefit like a subscription of Zee5 premium for 1 year.

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
9812GB data28 days
25150GB data28 days
351100GB data56 days
35550GB data, Zee5 premium subscription (1 year)28 days

Best ISD Plans

For international calling, Vodaphone Idea has a Rs 27 ISD pack with 28 days validity. You can club this plan with any other plan mentioned above.

MRP (Rs.)BenefitValidity
27ISD Rate Cutter28 days

Call Rates to different countries. 

Canada at Rs 1.5/min; China, UK, USA at Rs 1.5/min; Malaysia, Singapore at Rs 2.5/min; Australia, New Zealand, Thailand at Rs 3/min; Bhutan at Rs 6/min; Nigeria at Rs 6.5/min; Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia at Rs 7.2/min; UAE at Rs 8.99/min; Sri Lanka at Rs 10/min; Qatar at Rs 11/min; Oman at Rs 18/min; France at Rs 2-5/min.

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