A Launcher To Convert Your Phone To Google Pixel (LawnChair)

There are several launchers available in the PlayStore offering plethora of features. Launchers like Nova, Apus, Arrow, Action are some of the most popular ones out there.

But if you want to tweak the User Interface of your smartphone and want to have an experience like the Google Pixel phones, here is something special for you.

A senior XDA developer with a usernam, “deletescape“; developed a launcher called “LawnChair“, no pun intended! In order to enhance the overall experience with loads of tweaking possible; there was a launcher released based on the Pixel launcher.

What made this launcher exclusive was the fact that the users didn’t need to root their phones to enjoy the pixel launcher. No need to root the device is a major advantage for many users who want to keep the device in warranty.

The developer extracted all the files and source codes from the original launcher and added his own code to provide a wide range of customization.

While the Google Pixel’s official launcher still retains itself with minimal customization. Compared to that; Lawn Chair paints a bigger picture of a possibility which easily enhances the essence of the launcher to a whole new level.

Here is the list of customizations one would find in the launcher settings.


  • Icon Pack
  • Tray uses wallpaper colors (toggle)
  • Color of Icon Labels on Home screen
  • Color Variation of Icon Labels on Home screen
  • All Apps Opacity
  • Number of columns
  • Number of rows
  • Number of icons in tray
  • Icon Scale
  • Icon Text Scale
  • Pixel Style
  • Show Pixel Top Bar (toggle)
  • Use Wide Search bar (toggle)
  • Show Voice Search Button (toggle)
  • Use Pixel Icons (shows circular icon when possible)


  • Pinch to Overview
  • Pull-down to Search
  • Light Status bar
  • Enable Haptic Feedback
  • Save Scrolled State
  • Home Button Opens App Drawer
  • Show Hidden Apps

Also, the LawnChair is able to provide the “Google Now” page. A feature which even launchers like Nova/Action are finding it hard to provide in their final version.

Speaking of Nova, which is certainly a tough competition to LawnChair; had recently came up with a way to provide the Google Now page.

Although it was a bit tricky since users needed to download; Nova companion apk combined with the Nova launcher beta 5.3 beta 1. It somehow sounded to be a tedious task, to download a beta app and an apk file just to get this feature.

The release of LawnChair made it easier for users wanting Pixel launcher to feel with some good list of customizations up front.

According to the developer, he’ll soon be releasing the apk link on the XDA Labs. Till then users must download the apk from GitHub. 

Download Source Github 

How to install and use the Lawnchair launcher

1) Download the Lawn Chair Launcher link (apk file)

2) Turn on the Unknown Source, option from settings

3) Install the launcher and choose it as your default launcher

That’s it, you’re good to go and enjoy the clean, smooth Pixel launcher with some tweaks here and there!

Well, it seems the developer is working hard on providing Android O features to the phones running old Android versions.

In my brief time with the launcher, I’ve had some lags while using the app shortcuts. Apart from this, all the other features work fine and my overall experience was smooth and stutter free.

The launcher is also well optimised and doesn’t suck much battery life compared to the default launcher of my phone.  


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