Lenovo Y900 RE is Incredible Razer Branded Gaming PC

Lenovo Y900 RE – Ultimate Razer Branded Gaming PC

Lenovo Y900 RE Gaming PC has been unveiled at the ongoing CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2016 at Las Vegas. Lenovo Y900 RE Gaming PC was conceptualized back in August 2015 when Razer and Lenovo announced that they are working to create an incredible gaming PC for extreme gamers looking for something more refined than the assembled PC.

Lenovo Y900 RE is BadAss Razer Branded Gaming PC

The Lenovo Y900 RE (Razer Edition) PC comes with Razer full spectrum lighting which makes it stand out in the crowd of assembled PCs.  The lighting creates a special aura with a wave , breathing, ripple and static lighting effects below the cabinet and from the vents.

The hardware used in the PC is from both Lenovo and Razer.

The Lenovo Y900 RE is one of the first PC fans can buy from the collaboration and there will be much more to come in future.

Hardware Specs for Lenovo Y900 RE

The Gaming PC has an equally impressive hardware,  it ships out the 6th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor and a Z170 motherboard ideal for overclocking. There is a 256 GB SSD running on the Windows 10 OS along with a 2 TB hard drive which offers a good amount of storage for all movies and games.

The highlight of the PC is the Razer bundled Blackwidow Chroma Mechanical keyboard along with the Razer Mamba high Dpi Gaming mouse.  All of this fancy hardware makes it gamers dream pc.

Lenovo Y900 RE is BadAss Razer Branded Gaming PC

Razer also plans to bundle the exclusive Razer software like Synapse, Cortex, and Comms in future builds to enhance your gaming experience.

The heart of the PC is the Nvidia GTX 970 running in SLI to make sure it can blow out new gaming titles by 2016.

The Gaming PC comes with 32 GB of DDR4 Ram for ultrafast multitasking and running games with ease.

Need some more goodness – it comes with the 27 inch Lenovo Y27 Monitor which has one of the highest 144 Ghz refresh rate and supports the Nvidia G-Sync technology for a much smoother gaming experience you would have ever had.

The only thing holding you back to get this beast is $2299 (Rs 1.4 lakh) starting price, the monitor will cost another $600 (Rs. 40000). It is not everyone can afford but those who can enjoy in bliss.

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