LG G5 – Modular Innovative Flagship Smartphone

With a lot of things happening in the Android and iOS world, things were quite for LG before the last week. LG has been an innovative company but have never tasted success as far as the smartphones are concerned. LG made the first flexible screen smartphone the LG G Flex, but it did not took off.

As per the LG India Marketing Head Mr. Amit Gujaral the smartphone is going to get launched in India in April 2016. 

Wait a second they made the Google Nexus 5 and the Nexus 5X, awww they are successful , but does the credit goes to Google brand name and marketing. I guess so.  The last LG G4 was promising really promising, one of the best Camera smartphone.

LG G5 - Modular Innovative Flagship Smartphone

Why it failed was it the offbeat Faux Leather design was it the exclusion of Snapdragon 810 or unfriendly user experience or lack of right marketing and noise which LG failed to create in the market. The smartphone was good , but could not sell as many units as LG would have pleased.

But Now LG has the new LG G5 with more expectations and some really cool features which makes this years flagship innovative and a good example of out of box thinking in an other wise sheepish thinking market.


LG G5 comes with the top of the line processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 that is also used in the Samsung S7 and S7 edge. The LG G5  come with 4 GB of LP DDR4 version of high speed Ram and will come in 32 GB, 64 GB storage variants.

LG G5 - Modular Innovative Flagship Smartphone

The screen size is 5.3 inches and comes with a 2K (Quad HD Display with 2560*1440) resolution.

The display come with an always on feature which will allow you to see the time, date and notifications whenever you glance at the display. LG has done this smartly to ensure there is no battery drain due to the lighting of certain areas of the display on the new LG G5.

LG G5 - Modular Innovative Flagship Smartphone

The camera on the LG G5 comes with a Dual Camera setup at the back, there is a 13 Mega Pixel + 8 Mega pixel camera which work simultaneously to capture the best possible images. It also feature an 8 Mega pixel front camera to take selfies.

The Faux leather back cover is gone and is has a metallic finish which makes the smartphone look more like this years Google Nexus 6P.

Even Samsung has given up on leather back in the Note 5 and S6, S7.

The smartphone also have a Fingerprint scanner at the back of the device below the Dual Camera setup. The smartphone comes with 2800 mAH battery capacity (removable) which is a bit lower than the rival Samsung S7 which offers 3000 mAH battery capacity.

LG may want to draw a better strategy and marketing efforts to make the next smartphone successful. The smartphone comes with support for NFC and also features the USB Type C port. The LG G5 runs on the latest Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system.

The LG G5 weighs 159 grams and has a thickness of 7.7 mm.  The smartphone will be available in  Silver / Titan / Gold / Pink colors.

Beyond the Specs LG has introduced New Accessories to the LG G5 which they call it’s friends, here is an infographics to check out what LG G5 offers which makes is really innovative and stand out of the crowd.

LG G5 Friends

  • Quick Swap battery design with removable battery
  • Cam Plus offers extra-ordinary camera capabilities and additional 1200 mAH of Battery Capacity.



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