Light Phone Simple Minimalist Phone for Purists

The Most Simple Phone With No Intrusions

Lot of purists have shown a keen interest in buying the popular Nokia 3310 (2017).  Here is a new smartphone “Light Phone”, which gives you a more basic and minimalist design with just two functions; and it does nothing else.

Light Phone Simple Minimalist Phone for Purists

The Light Phone can tell you time, can make and receive calls. It can also store nine contacts. That’s All it can do…..

But the design and look are eye candy and if you have one of these credit card sized phones in your hand, you are probably going to attract more attention than an iPhone 7.

Light Phone

The company behind the phone is called Light, and they have a philosophy that the modern smartphones are eating into your time and are making most people have an attention deficit disorder. I am not sure about you, but I do check my smartphone may be 50 times a day or even more.

I have secret dreams at times to be super productive, but one distraction or the other make me lose focus, don’t tell me it doesn’t happen to you. We all want to be super productive, but I am still not losing my smartphone to achieve that. Undoubtedly my phone does so many things.


Smartphones are productivity killers believe the founders, each and every notification seem to be important and can be distracting while doing any serious work. I restate I am not giving up my Phone for any amount of convincing and you shouldn’t either unless you are not a purist or believe in the philosophy of  Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang – the founders of the Light phone company.

Here is what the founders believe about the current Gen smartphones and Why they have built this Light Phone?


Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang

The smartphone is currently available in the US for $150. If you are thinking to buy it, think again, Redmi Note 4 is cheaper. Okay, you are a purist and want no distractions, better get a Nokia 3310.

P.S – Productivity can be increased with willpower and focus not by ditching phones, same as you can’t get fit after buying a fitness band.

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