macOS High Sierra, Safari and Metal2 Improvements

Apple at the WWDC 2017 showcased the new version of the macOS Sierra announced and is somewhat jokingly named High Sierra.

macOS High Sierra, Safari and Metal2 Improvements

But the biggest improvements have come to Safari, the native browser now has auto blocking of pesky videos embedded on websites. Sites that are not supposed to be playing videos will be automatically prevented from running the videos. This is a great feature that will prevent wastage of data and preserve browsing experience.

Safari has Javascript improvements to further improve its performance.

Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature to boost privacy. It enhances privacy by blocking online tracking so prevent ads from following you from one website to another.

Safari Makes You Web Experience better.

macOS High Sierra, Safari and Metal2 Improvements

Mail app has been revamped, it puts your important emails on the top. New split screen feature allows for easier composing of emails. The app uses 35% less space to store the emails

Photos app now comes with better editing controls. The sidebar contains editing tools including Curves for fine-tuning colour corrections.

New file system AFS replaces the legacy HFS. Apple File System has new features and performance upgrades allowing for native encryption, crash protection and faster copying of files.

HEVC Format for Videos

New video standard H.265 will replace the popular H.264 format. The new format is better suited to handle 4K videos and the new Macs will have hardware video decoders for faster performance. The HEVC format for videos makes the compression 40% more.

macOS High Sierra, Safari and Metal2 Improvements

Metal 2

the new version of Metal for graphics. Metal 2 offers better driver optimization and performance enhancements. Metal 2 can be used with external graphics as well through Thunderbolt port.

macOS High Sierra, Safari and Metal2 Improvements

Metal for VR – Final Cut Pro X will be optimized for spherical video. Steam VR SDK coming to Mac along with support for Unity and Unreal engines. Apple has now launched the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus.

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