Mafia 3 Is All About Family And Revenge

Mafia 3 the sequel to the famous Crime game Mafia 2 is being developed by 2K Czech studios.  The Game will have similar Artwork, environment, and gameplay that fans worldwide loved in the Mafia 2 and the original Mafia Game.

Mafia 3 is an Incredible PC Game

Mafia 3 Is All About Family And Revenge

For starters, the Protagonist Lincoln Clay is a War Veteran who has returned from Vietnam and seek revenge for the wrongdoings. He is fierce, angry and hungry to reach the summit of Gangs in New Orleans. The Italian families and other gangs control the world and have deep pockets, more gangsters, and armory to battle even the Armies of Satan.

Lincoln Clay our protagonist, takes them on hand to hand combat, gun battles, thrilling in car chases. The game is set in 1960, the pace of the game also matches the environment. Further, the surrounding reminds us of the yester-years when there were trams, theaters, and marketplaces.

Mafia 3 Is All About Family And Revenge

The Artwork and graphics make the game more engaging, imbibes you in the story and you want to topple other families, by creating your own. The classic 1940 American Cars, open sedans, and sports vehicles make driving on the city roads a treat for open world game lovers.

The level of details for vehicles, damage, handling, and realism has been outstanding in previous two games, and expect nothing less here.

Mafia 3 image

You will always get options to spare some of your enemies or quench your thirst with their blood.

Mafia 3 is different In Comparison to Mafia 2

Mafia 3 game developer Andy Wilson Explained “ The importance of Family in the game and how Lincoln will rise with the help of his newfound Family”. Reminds us of the Godfather, where the family is everything. Lincoln Clay will recruit three lieutenants one of whom is the Vitto Scaletta the lead character from Mafia 2.

Mafia 3 game image

Also, the player will get a variety of firearms to use in various missions to make gun battles more fierce. Further, as Lincoln clay rises in the ranks of Mafia, he expands his rule and kingdom in the city owning new properties and assets.

The Mafia City of Lost heavens was the first game in the series. I still remember it was the first game to come in 3 CDs back in 2002 for the PC. Anyways, It was addicting as marijuana. The studio released second Mafia Game in 2010. And fans of third-person crime series loved it as much as the original title.

You and I will be able to play the Game on PC, PS4 and the Xbox One in 2016.

Here is the latest trailer for the Mafia 3:

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