Microsoft is Not The Only One Making Windows 10 Mobile

Alcatel’s low end smartphone range is bestowed with Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 OS based mobile.

Alcatel made announcements at CES 2016 about the new Windows 10 powered Fierce XL.   It would be the first windows 10 powered device from the affordable phone maker Alcatel.

Microsoft is Not The Only One Making Windows 10 Mobile

The Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL is not a new handset that comes exclusively for windows 10. There is already an android lollipop based version with the same name with a price of around 9500 INR. Alcatel has not shared the exact price details for the smartphone yet. It will first be launched in US and after that may debut in India and Asian countries.

The new device carries a 5.5 inch screen with HD display.

The rear camera is an 8 MP shooter and there is a 2 MP front camera.

The device is powered by an entry level Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 Quad Core processor

The Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL comes with 2 Gigs of RAM, more than 1 GB bundle of most Lumia smartphones.



The smartphone pushes the Snapdragon 210 to its limits as comes with the maximum supported resolution on screen and camera making the android based version a bit sluggish.

But we cannot expect the same to happen with windows.

It’s surprising to see a low end device manages to run Microsoft’s latest windows 10 operating system, but that doesn’t mean you will enjoy every features of windows 10 with this smartphone as some features will be missing like what happens with Microsoft’s low end phones.

One of the cool feature Continuum which turns a windows 10 phone into a PC is definitely going to be out of the list. However Alcatel One touch XL supports Cortana, Microsoft’s Edge Browser and Office Mobile Apps. The smartphone is a dual sim device and supports 4G LTE network.

For Alcatel it’s an attempt to get into the untapped Windows phone market, since it become a ritual for phone makers to packs their smartphones with Android OS. Alcatel plans to launch more Windows 10 based smartphones in the mid and high end segments.

Alcatel turns towards windows where it finds less competition, the company plans to climb high and reach the Flagship categories by picking windows 10 as a ladder, let’s see if how far it goes

Key specs of One touch Fierce XL

Screen                 5.5 inch

Display                HD (1280*720p)

Processor           1.1 GHz Snapdragon 210, (Quad-core)

RAM                    2 GB

Storage               16 GB , Expandable support 32 GB

Battery                2500 mAh

Connectivity       Dual-SIM ,4G LTE CAT 4, Bluetooth 4.1

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