Microsoft Launches New Nokia 216 in India

Microsoft Launches New Nokia 216 in India

Microsoft Launches New Nokia 216 in India – If you thought that Microsoft has given up on Nokia, it is not. To everyone’s surprise Microsoft launched a new smartphone for the Indian market called as Nokia 216.

Microsoft has already shared plans some months back that they are going to sell off the Nokia mobile business to FIH , a subsidiary of Foxconn( the hardware manufacturer for iPhone and many other smartphones), for $350 million.

Microsoft Launches New Nokia 216 in India

Coming to the new Nokia 216 it is meant for the Asian markets specially India where once Nokia had a whooping 70% market share, there are many Nokia loyalists still there.

The Nokia 216 is a budget feature smartphone with most basic specs and functions. The smartphone will go on sale in India in October 2016 and will be priced close to Rs. 2,400.

The Nokia 216 features a QVGA display with 2.4 inch screen size and has 240 x 320 pixels display, typical of feature phones. The smartphone comes with 0.3 MP rear and front cameras.

The smartphone comes with Series 30 OS along with the Opera Mini support. The smartphone comes with the micro-usb port and also has FM radio and even the 3.5 mm jack which modern smartphones lack.

The Nokia 216 has a 1020 mAH battery and weighs 82 grams. While it is a basic feature phone and probably microsoft will be able to sell good numbers considering the brand loyalty in India.

While Microsoft had a failed re-branding effort of Nokia Lumia smartphones and were unable to sell them due to many reasons like weaker eco-system development and iOS and Android becoming more advanced and consumer friendly compared to the Windows 10 for mobile.

Microsoft has also hinted some days back that they are going to pull the plug on the Lumia brand of Windows 10 smartphones next year and come up with their own Surface smartphones running Windows 10 for mobile. A last effort probably from Microsoft to avert death of Windows 10 Mobile.

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