Blu Win HD LTE A Better Option Than Microsoft Lumia 550

After the launch of the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft launched the Lumia 550, a budget Windows 10 smartphone.

Microsoft Lumia 550 has already got launched in India and is available for purchase on Amazon India. Despite being a much-hyped Windows 10 smartphone, it is finding very limited takers.

Two major reasons for that:

  1. It is an overpriced smartphone at a current price of Rs. 9,999 and don’t offer enough specs and features to justify the price tag.
  2. The market for Windows OS based phones is much smaller compared to the market for Android devices.

If you are looking for a real budget smartphone that will run on the Windows 10 OS and will also not burn a hole in your pocket – Blu Win HD LTE is there for the rescue.


Specs Comparison Microsoft Lumia 550 Vs Blu Win HD LTE

Microsoft Lumia 550
  • Processor      Snapdragon 210 Clock Speed   1.1 GHz (QuadCore)
  • GPU    Adreno 304
  • RAM   1 GB
  • Screen Size    4.7 inch  HD (1280*720) – 312 PPI
  • Storage          8 GB internal Expandable up to 200 GB
  • Rear Camera 5 MP Camera front Camera  2 MP Camera
  • Battery Capacity       2100 mAH
  • 4G Support    Yes , Dual Sim- No
  • Price   Rs.  9999
 Blu Win HD LTE
  • Processor      Snapdragon 410, Clock Speed   1.2 GHz (Quad-Core)
  • GPU    Adreno 306
  • RAM   1 GB
  • Screen Size    5 inch IPS ,  HD (1280*720) – 294 PPI
  • Storage          8 GB internal up to 32 GB expandable
  • Rear Camera 8 MP Camera , front camera – 2 MP Camera
  • Battery Capacity       2500 mAH
  • 4G Support    Yes ,  Dual Sim       Yes
  • Price   Rs. 5999

Better Option than Microsoft Lumia 550

Pros Microsoft Lumia 550

Microsoft Lumia 550 comes with better build quality and a camera which is also better compared to the Blu Win HD LTE.

Both the smartphones have HD display, but the Lumia 550 has a slightly better display compared to the Blu HD LTE.

There are however lots of Pros other than a price difference of Rs. 4000 that Blu HD LTE offers.

Pros Blu HD LTE

Blu HD LTE has a much faster processor compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 used in the Lumia 550 also Adreno 306 offers much better gaming performance compared to the Snapdragon 210.

Blu HD LTE also comes with a 5.0-inch display compared to the 4.7 inch on the Lumia 550 and also has 20% more battery capacity over the Lumia 550.

Is Blu HD LTE A Better Option than Microsoft Lumia 550

Lumia 550 would have been a better deal if it was priced around Rs. 8000 but at Rs. 10,000 it is simply out of reach for many users looking for a budget smartphone.

Forget about the likes of Xiaomi and Lenovo, even top brands like Samsung are selling the latest 4G LTE models like Samsung Galaxy On5 at Rs. 8,999 with better specs and vastly popular Android OS.

Microsoft still has a pricing strategy similar to Apple, without having a consumer following as Apple commands.

Buyers have ridiculed the price for the smartphone, and we may see some correction in coming weeks, however, if you are planning to buy a Windows 10 smartphone at the ultra low price can consider the Blu Win HD LTE mobile.

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