Microsoft Surface Laptop 2017 Unveiled for 65K ($999)

Microsoft has refreshed the Surface Laptop line yesterday at an event in US. The event was termed as student update event where Microsoft apart from launching the new Surface Book also unveiled the new version of the Windows OS – called as Windows S.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2017 Unveiled for 65K ($999)

The new Microsoft 2017 version is priced at $999 or Rs. 65,000, Indian price may be a bit higher considering the taxes.

The new Surface Laptop comes with no fuss and gimmicky features but focus on getting the basics right.

Microsoft has removed the features like the kickstand and surface books detachable display. Microsoft has this time focused more on creating a better machine and realized that not everyone want those features.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Microsoft Surface Laptop

Rather people want a more robust productivity enhancing machine.

Microsoft is working hard to meet the demands for professional content creators and people working on projects to help them achieve more productivity. The new Surface Line up of laptop comes with precision design, metallic build and a very thin and lite frame.

Microsoft has gone one step further and made the palm rest and key grooves are of a cloth. The cloth like material is called Alcantara and is sometimes used in cars as well.

The cloth like material makes it more natural and less slippery than metal to work on the machine.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Microsoft Surface Laptop

I am though a bit skeptical about the life of this new material and if it gets cut how it will be replaced. Or if it gets some tea or coffee.

Things to worry if you are planning to buy one.

The other key highlight of the device is insane battery life that Microsoft is promising – 14.5 hours. If it manages to cross 10 hours in practical daily usage it will no less than a miracle.

The laptop comes with a sleek keyboard which is super easy to type on, and also has a large trackpad for easy working.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The 13.5 inch display comes with 2256*1504 resolution (higher than a FHD machine) and offers great viewing angles and color reproduction.

The laptop uses the Microsoft’s propriety surface power connector instead of the USB type C port for charging. There is USB 3.0 port and a mini display port for connecting to external devices.

The base $999 version runs on Intel’s latest Core i5 Kaby Lake processor and comes with 4 GB of Ram and 128 GB of SSD storage. The Laptop comes with upto Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of Ram and 512 GB of storage.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

There is support for the surface pen and also the display is touch type.

The laptop comes with a stripped down version of Windows 10 Pro , called as Windows 10 S. The Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s answer to the Google Chrome OS and comes with restrictions to install third party Apps which are not on the Windows store.

Microsoft says it is meant to keep the machines faster and safer, Microsoft is  being Apple’s with the new Windows 10 S.

Not to despair, you can upgrade the Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro and have full access to the Apps by paying additional $49.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Windows 10 S main aim is to have a light weight OS which can run on minimal hardware requirement and can take on the Google Chromebooks.

Microsoft has also announced new Windows 10 S based laptops which will be available for $199 in US and will compete with the 20 million Chromebooks in the market.

Though the machine looks dope and worth considering as a MacBook Air alternative for 2017 if you are on the Windows side.

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