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Microsoft XBOX One X Project Scorpio India launch 23 Jan


Get Ready for Adrenaline Pumping Gaming Xperience

Microsoft has finally launched the XBOX One X in India on 23rd Jan 2018, a couple of months after the US launch. The Indian price for the console is Rs. 44,999. Notably, you can purchase the new XBOX One X in India from Chroma, Flipkart, Amazon and other specialty gaming shops and stores.

For US customers, Microsoft started taking the pre-orders, in August 2017 for the new XBOX One X Project Scorpio console. And it is available for $499 (Rs. 33,000). Besides, the new XBOX One X was announced by Microsoft on 12th June at E3 – 2017.

Unlike Indian market, the XBOX One X started shipping on November 7th globally.

Microsoft XBOX One X Project Scorpio Pre-order Starts But India Delayed

Microsoft earlier had supply issues and even shared on the website that they have limited quantities for the console. Now the issue seems to have resolved.

Also, the Xbox One S is available in India for Rs. 30,000.

XBOX One X Project Scorpio is the Worlds Fastest Gaming Console with 6 TFLOPS Performance. 

XBOX One X Key Specs and Hardware Details

To recall, the Xbox One X Project Scorpio comes with 1 TB Hard Drive, XBox Controller, Internal Power supply, power chord.

There were launch offers like 1 month XBox Gamepass subscription and 14 days trial for XBOX Live gold membership so buyers can experience lots of new games on the console. We will update if there are any launch offers when the console is launched in India, later this month.

Furthermore, the console comes with a vertical stand, it has project Scorpio written on both the sides.

The XBOX One X Project Scorpio is 40% more powerful in comparison to any console available in the market including the PlayStation 4 Pro.  The Project Scorpio comes with custom CPU clocked at 1.8 GHz and has 8 Cores.

In fact, it has an AMD GPU based on Polaris architecture that offers 6 TFLOPS performance, unmatched by any other console. The Graphics card used in the XBOX One X Scorpio has 12 GB GDDR5 memory with 326 GB/second throughput.

What’s more, the  XBOX One X offers true 4K gaming experience. Besides, in the specially optimized gaming titles, the graphics a cranked a level up to offer incredible gaming experience.

GPU Specs XBOX One X

The GPU engine on the XBOX One X has a much higher clock speed when compared to the PS4 Pro and older XBOX One.

  • GPU Engine Clock Speed XBOX One X – 1172 Mhz
  • The GPU Engine Clock Speed PS4 Pro- 911 MHz
  • GPU Engine Clock Speed XBOX One – 853 MHz

The GPU clock speed on the XBOX One X is about 29% higher compared to the PS4 Pro.

As far as the real world performance will go a lot depends on the Core GPU and other hardware optimizations beyond the TFLOP performance and Core clock speed.

Microsoft is bundling a 4K BLUE Ray drive along with a 1 TB hard drive with the console. It is an ideal companion for your 4K TV.  Compared to the cost of a 4K Gaming PC the XBOX One X costs just 25%.

Ideally, a good GTX 1070 or 1080 powered PC will cost more than 1.0 lakh or $1000 without a 4K monitor. The graphics will be better on the more expensive PC, but for a 4K gaming perspective on a budget, the XBOX One X is a great deal.

Notably, the XBOX One X is compatible with all the Xbox One game so you don’t have any issues to upgrade from older XBOX console.

Undeniably, the XBOX One X Project Scorpio is the worlds fastest console but the demand in the eastern market is minuscule, in comparison to the crowd favorite PS4.

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