MIUI 10 India Top Features and List of Supported Smartphones

Xiaomi had revealed about its upcoming MIUI version – MIUI 10 – in China previous month, although the Global ROM was not made available yet.

It was on this Thursday when the China smartphone maker launched the MIUI Global ROM alongside its new selfie-centric phone dubbed as Redmi Y2.

As we know Xiaomi is becoming global, expanding its line-up across the world. India remains its one of the biggest markets other than China. The MIUI 10 bring a number of features, including some features specific to India.

MIUI 10 India
MIUI 10 India

Devices eligible for the MIUI 10

  • Mi Max, Mi Max 2, Mi Note 2, Mi 5S, Mi 5S Plus, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 5, Mi 6, Mi Mix 2.
  • Redmi Note 5A, Redmi Note 5A Prime, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 4X, Redmi Note 3.
  • Redmi 5, Redmi 5A, REdmi 4, Redmi 4A, Redmi 3S, Redmi Y2, Redmi Y1, Redmi Y1 Lite.

Let’s take a look at what Xiaomi has to offer specifically for India.

India-Specific Features

  • Faster Payments – Xiaomi has made it possible to use the Camera App to work as a QR code scanner for Paytm.

Basically, what that means is a Xiaomi user with MIUI can make cashless transactions through Paytm just by opening up the main camera app. Moreover, there is no need to open another App separately.


PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

  • Also, for its Indian users, Xiaomi has included a brand new Browser app. It contains a list that highlights some Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), such as MakeMyTrip, Flipkart Lite, BookMyShow, and so on.

Certainly, it could be a business tactic, as well as a way of providing ease to the end user. But anyway, it is a welcome feature in MIUI 10.

  • Apart from the mentioned features, there is an intuitive quick menu tab in Messaging. It helps users in exploring and knowing more about a service, or a business just with a tap of a button.
  • Also, for Indian users, it comes with Mi Music, and Mi Video.

Both of these two apps were launched in India for local users, last month.

The MIUI 10 brings a plethora of new features however competing with stock Android and other custom skins is a uphill battle.


Apart from company’s claims that the new MIUI is faster, and more innovative than its previous version. The MIUI 10 comes with new full-screen display gestures, which is inspired by the iPhone X.


Practically, full-screen gestures allow a user to swipe on the screen from edges to go back to the previously opened app or page. Similarly, swiping from the bottom will take you to the home screen. Whereas, swiping and holding from the bottom of the display will take you to the Recents view.

It seems very conventional that the full-screen gestures may work best with all-screen or bezel-less devices.

Since Xiaomi has even ‘copied’ the notch and the rear-camera module design from iPhone X, it is not shocking at all that Xiaomi may have thought about developing full-screen gestures similar to iOS 12.

Most interesting of all, MIUI 10 Global ROM comes with the feature called as AI Portrait.


AI Portrait mode is targeted at the Xiaomi devices that come with single camera-lens. This feature uses algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to add Bokeh effects to the photos, without the need of a second camera.


AI Portrait identifies the main subject or the foreground and blurs out the background in order to give the trendy photos with Bokeh effect. During the product launch event, Xiaomi had claimed that in order to achieve this effect, they have the AI algorithm with over 100,000 photos.

Also, users can organize the items in 3 different ways by overlapping horizontally, overlapping vertically, and not be overlapping horizontally.

List Of Devices Compatible for Single Camera Portrait Mode:

According to Xiaomi, 11 devices will compatible for single-camera portrait mode. The phones that will support portrait mode on both front and rear cameras include Mi Note 2, Mi 5/Mi 5 Plus, Mi MIX 2, Mi 5, Mi Max, Mi Max 2, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 4X, Redmi Note 5, Redmi 4/4X, and Redmi Note 3.

On the other hand, Mi 6 and Indian version of Redmi Note 5 will be capable of sporting single-camera portrait mode only on the selfie camera.


By the look of it, Recents view seems very similar to the MIUI Notes app.


But What Does it Do?  It puts together all the cards on a single screen, and the user can scroll vertically to view the recent applications.

If the user swipes on any of the cards in Recent, that card gets eliminated. And long pressing a card provides the user with more options to choose from.

Final Thoughts : MIUI 10 

With MIUI 10 update, Xiaomi brings a number of features to the Indian market. Giving users ability to scan Paytm QR codes using the Camera app improves the transactions ecosystem. Also, the progressive web apps that connects to services such as OLA, MakeMyTrip etc are helpful.

Furthermore, the updated versions of Mi Music and Mi Video apps are some additional goodies.

Globally, MIUI 10 comes with a number of changes and includes an AI Portrait mode, full-screen gestures. These updates make approriate use of a modern full screen display devices apart from performance enhancements.

Overall, MIUI 10 may not be a revolutionary update, but it adds a slew of features and is highly capable of becoming a favorite skin, at least among Indian fans.

Since Xiaomi is now the number one mobile brand in India, expectations from its software as well as hardware are high among its loyal fan-base in the market. The improved MIUI experience adds to this fan fare even further.

Also, Check the Below Video for the Latest Features of MIUI 10

MIUI 9 Best Features, Supported Phones and Availability

After previewing and teasing the OS for several times, Xiaomi has finally launched the MIUI 9; it’s next iteration of MIUI in China yesterday. Xiaomi has said that the MIUI has been downloaded by more than 2.8 billion people across the world, and even claimed to have more than 100 million active users, which tells the popularity of the OS.

MIUI 9 Best Features, Supported Phones and Availability

The MIUI 9 is considered to be one of the major upgrades, however, it’s only internally because the visual interface did not receive much of a facelift. Xiaomi has just added three new themes to the MIUI 9 and even changed the default theme outlook. The three themes added by Xiaomi are No Boundary, Cool Black, and Color Fantasy.

Here’s a list of Xiaomi smartphones Supposed to get the MIUI 9 update:

  • Xiaomi Mi 6
  • Xiaomi Mi 5X
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4X
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix
  • Xiaomi Mi 5
  • Xiaomi Mi 5s
  • Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus
  • Xiaomi Mi 5c
  • Xiaomi Mi Max
  • Xiaomi Mi Max 2
  • Xiaomi Mi 4s
  • Xiaomi Mi 4c
  • Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

The update for the Xiaomi smartphone will first start in China and the global roll out will be done. In the first phase, some of the smartphones will get the MIUI 9 in China starting August and Xiaomi is also looking for Beta tester for MIUI 9.

MIUI 9 Global and India Update Smartphone List

The Global launch or India Launch for MIUI 9 is expected in September or October when most smartphones will start receiving the new update. List of smartphones to get the MIUI 9 in India is yet not shared by Xiaomi but some of the smartphones above are also launched in India and are likely to get the update. Apart from the above phones, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4, Redmi 3s and 3s Prime are also quite likely to get the MIUI 9 (Android Nougat) update in India.

Coming to top features of the MIUI 9, it has several under-the-hood changes, and the highlighted word at the event was ‘Smart’. Yes, the word Smart defines pretty much everything about the MIUI 9. There are Smart features such as Smart App Launcher, Smart Assistant. The company also announced a few more features of the MIUI 9. Let’s find out what’s new.

Disclaimer: Before we get to jump into the features of the MIUI 9, do make a note that all these features, apart from the internal changes are available in the China beta ROM. And they will be added to global ROM at a later date.

7 Best Features for MIUI 9 Which Makes it Better Compared to MIUI 8

Last year on 30th June 2016, Xiaomi shared the MIUI 8 and we wrote about the 10 best Features of the MIUI 8 – Xiaomi MIUI 8.0 – The 10 Best Features. The MIUI 8.0 brought several improvements over the MIUI 7 – some of the top features for the MIUI 8 were – New Lock screens, improved reading experience, improved gallery, more power saving, multi-window,  better video editing, spam detection and more.

This year Xiaomi has focused on different areas compared to the last year and here are the top 7 features of MIUI 9.

1) Smart App Launcher

Smart App Launcher is something which could be useful in day-to-day life. This feature allows you to launch applications right from your conversations. For example, if you’re speaking about shopping, then this feature will show up all the shopping apps available in your phone.


2) Smart Assistant

Smart Assistant is something which we are used to in the past. It works just as Spotlight in Apple’s iOS. You can search for apps, messages, albums, photos, etc. This feature is very handy for quickly opening applications because MIUI 9 doesn’t feature an app drawer and the apps would be spread across the home screen.


3) Advanced Image Search

With the advanced image search feature, you can dive into the photos available on your phone. You can say a person’s name or place or even a person expression will show up the photos. A very interesting feature.


4) Split Screen Multitasking

This is something which Xiaomi millions of Xiaomi smartphone users have been waiting for. The MIUI 9 adds support for split screen multitasking, which was introduced with Android N. All the Xiaomi phones will receive the split screen mode, including the Redmi 2 and 2s.

5) Dynamic Resource Allocation

Xiaomi has changed several features internally in the MIUI 9. The major change is that the company has moved to Dynamic Resource Allocation, which with its own critical thinking to allocate priority to in-use App to let you enjoy the fluent experience.


6.) More System Optimizations

Xiaomi has brought more under the hood optimizations for the Xiaomi MiUi 9 with special features like Core Congestion Control, Real time anti-fragmentation, Automatic clean, better cache management and the new file system. All these backend optimizations improve the speed for the MIUI 9 users.

MIUI 9 Best Features Supported Phones and Availability

7. Faster App Opening Speed

All the apps will now open much faster than the previous iterations, and the boot time of a smartphone has been reduced as well. This was one of the things lot of users were looking for and


To Sum Up here are the Key Highlights of the MIUI 9:

  • – Lightning fast system
  • – Explosively fast app launch time
  • – Dynamic resource allocation by prioritise the in-use App for fluent experience!
  • – Universal search: Powerful search engine that can differentiate your image by typing in keywords, including your conversations
  • – Smart assistance – Easiest way to find anything and almost everything
  • – Two steps for all the vital information: Copy and receive info!

*The above features will be available in China only for the time being. Stay tuned for Global MIUI 9 global / India rollout we will keep you posted when Xiaomi India shares the final list of devices to receive the MIUI 9 and when the updates will arrive in India.

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Read Below About the Best Features of MIUI 7

Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7.0

Xiaomi has finally unveiled its new version of Android OS MIUI 7.

 MIUI has been around since the days we had the old Android Froyo, it has evolved constantly and now it has reached its 7th major version the MIUI 7. Hugo Barra of Xiaomi unveiled the new OS in New Delhi @ Hotel Lalit International.

Hugo Barra said that he is glad to share that the 750 engineers and programmers have helped in creating the new upgraded MIUI 7.0 for the 150,000,000 Xiaomi users worldwide.

10 Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7 You Will LOVE

Why were Xiaomi Fans Unhappy at MIUI 7 Launch?

Xiaomi fans are not happy at the event as the anticipated Xiaomi Mi Note 2 to get launched but didn’t happen. Xiaomi actually can’t launch any of the MediaTek processor-powered mobiles in India due to a patent infringement case filed by Ericsson on Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 4g image

That was the only reason they recalled the launch of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G which was also powered by the MediaTek processor. Indian CEO of Xiaomi Manu Jain recently shared the hard times they have faced due to the case and How difficult it was for them to do a product recall. I don’t anticipate that Xiaomi will be able to bring the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 to the Indian market any sooner.

MIUI 7.0 – Awesomeness Awaits

The MIUI 7 is based on Android Lollipop and offers more features and visuals with the material design inherited from the Lollipop. MIUI bought the color to Android devices during the days while the stock Android was running on the black and white menu, now it provides several cool features to enhance your smartphone experience.

Devices Supported MIUI 7.0 – The great news is that Xiaomi is going to roll out the MIUI 7 on all the older smartphones as well like the Mi3, Redmi 1s, Redmi 2 as well. The new smartphones like Mi4, Mi4i, Redmi Note 4G and Redmi 2 Prime will get the Android Lollipop and MIUI 7.0 OS. Indeed this is a really positive move by the company which has made sure that existing buyers also get the benefit of the new OS enhancements.

What’s new in MIUI

Gorgeous looks, faster performance, customization and extended battery life is what the new  MIUI  7 brings to the Xiaomi Android devices.

10 Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7 You Will LOVE
MIUI 7.0 themes
10 Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7 You Will LOVE


Everyone has their own taste in terms of how their smartphones are supposed to look and operate, that’s why Xiaomi ‘s new MIUI 7 comes with 4 different custom UI design named as  Pink blush, Ocean breeze, High life and the standard MIUI 7.0 version.  You can personalize the look and feel of your smartphone based on your mood.

Miui 7.0 icon set
Material design Miui 7.0

And the customization doesn’t stop there; you will get thousands of themes available to download to match your personality and taste.


Faster performance is what people want from their smartphone, whether scrolling through the photos on your gallery or switching between Apps all we expect is rocket speed performance, that’s what MIUI gives with its 30 % faster response time by optimizing the Apps to load animations and data simultaneously.

Performance Comparison Video MIUI 7.0 :

Extended Battery

The MIUI 7 claims to give 10% more battery by maintaining a single waking time for All apps instead of leaving the Apps to wake the CPU at their own time, for example, if you have Facebook and Whats app installed in your phone, both the Apps wakes up the CPU at their own (different) time which causes the CPU to use more power, but in MIUI 7 the CPU sets its own waking time for all apps at once, which is quite a smart approach to save power.

Better battery Life

XXL Text

If you are a “chat while walk”personality, then this feature will be most useful  for you , this feature enables you to change the Fonts size from S to XXL (S, M, L, XL, XXL) so you don’t need to bring your phone close to your  face to read the small fonts. An excellent feature for older people, who may like to read a larger text.


Baby album

 Parents love clicking photos of their child’s activities, but its little frustrating if the photos get lost among the hundreds of others, that’s why MIUI created this unique feature, that recognizes your baby’s face and creates a separate album and make it easier to browse them.

Baby Album MIUI 7

Child Mode

If you don’t want your kids to access Facebook or Whatsapp on your mobile when they like to play games. MIUI 7.0 offers you the best solution with the customization of having a Child mode to ensure that your emails and other data is safe even when your 5-year-old is playing games on your Xiaomi Smartphone.

10 Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7 You Will LOVE


Now instead of using a Still image as caller ID, users can take a 5 sec video and send it to their contacts and make them as their caller ID on other devices.

Showtime MIUI 7.0

Lock screen features

Android Lollipop may show you Notifications on your lock screen, but the MIUI 7 goes a bit further and allows you to play even games or tunes right from your lock screen, which can be customized based on the theme you are using.

Lockscreen Music MIUI 7.0

For developers

Developers can easily create themes of their own interest without complex coding, just with a visual interface creating a theme and lock screen contents will be straightforward


The MIUI 7 will be available for all the Xiaomi devices sold in India including the Redmi 1s, There is no exact announcement related to the release date but the Beta tests begins on Monday, and will be released for all supported device at the same time.

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