Mobile Companies Making Bee line for Indian Customers


Why every mobile company wants to please the Indian Consumer, Guess what we are one of the largest buyers of smartphones…

Mobile Companies like the Chinese Giants are also interested in us, Chinese phone-maker Xiaomi also plans to launch in India, Indonesia, and a few other Asian markets to capture the Indian consumer. There’s no fixed date yet, but it’ll be a thought-provoking advance from the viewpoint of the fast-growing Indian smartphone sector.

The estimated numbers for Smart Phones sales is shown below:

Whats makes India one of the most preferred mobile market in the world
Smart Phones Sales Forecast

What makes India one of the most preferred mobile markets in the world

44 million new smartphones were shipped in India in 2013, and so Xiaomi will find intense competition in the country. While Samsung’s smartphones lead regarding new sales, the Korean giant is badgered by household brands Micromax, Karbonn, Xolo & Spice to name a few. You can also throw the likes of Apple’s iPhone, Nokia, LG, Sony, and BlackBerry into the mix.

The Indian mobile market offers huge businesses opportunities for growth, but not without immense challenges to survive and become successful. The dogma to continue and expand in the Indian market is not everyone’s forte many players like Nokia and Blackberry had seen Indian consumers shift to other brands when they failed to provide value for money products.

Despite robust indigenous brands, a lot of the Indian bazaar is still up for grabs with most people even on basic phones. It’s hard to say how many active smartphones and primary phone users are in the country, but IDC says that 78% of mobiles imported to India in 2013 were basic mobiles. With rising income levels, more of India’s 950 million mobile users – mostly prepaid users – will improve their mobile experience by getting a smartphone.

All of it also is dependent on the 3G costs and how much discounts companies can offer to increase the data capability and penetration among Indian subscribers.

We may see some pricing war in data charges once reliance Jio enters the market with their latest data plans. Future looks bright, and there is no stopping handset manufacturing party for at least next 4-5 years in the Indian sub-continent.

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