Moto Turbo Vs Google Nexus 6 Comparison

Moto Turbo was launched on Flipkart on March 9 with a price tag of Rs.  41,999 and is the flagship smartphone from Motorola. Google Nexus 6 was launched on November 7, 2014, by Google and got available online few months back and is currently available for Rs. 43,800.

They are both closely priced and have top-line hardware and runs on latest software, let’s figure out which one is the better choice for you.

Google Nexus 6 

Moto Turbo Vs Google Nexus 6 Comparison

Motorola Moto Turbo

Moto Turbo Vs Google Nexus 6 Comparison

Moto Turbo Vs. Google Nexus 6 Comparison :


Moto Turbo – features a rear cover which is made of metalized glass fiber for a durable, smooth and glossy finish. The water-repellent nano-coating protects the Moto Turbo from accidental water spills or an unexpected drizzle. The smartphone is however not fully water resistant. The smartphone has thin bezels and looks different compared to a Moto X. The weight of the Moto Turbo is 162 grams and dimensions are – 73.3 x 143.5 x 8.3 mm. With 8.3 mm thickness, it is not one of the slimmest smartphones out there, but neither is too thick.

Google Nexus 6 – it draws more of its design from the MotoX 2nd Gen the major difference between both the smartphones is the screen size. The screen size for Nexus 6 is 6.0 inches while Moto X has a 5.2-inch screen. The Google Nexus 6 is more of a phablet than a smartphone with dimensions measuring 159.3 x 83 x 10.1 mm, and Nexus 6 weighs around 184 grams, yes it is quite thick at 10.1 mm, but again with a 6-inch screen, it does not look and feel as chunky as it may sound. Moroever, Apple is trying to make smartphones thinner than 7.1 mm (iPhone 6 Plus). The all metallic rear design and finish at the rear make it easy to hold and work.


Moto Turbo – The rear camera is 21-megapixel fast autofocus shooter with large  f/2.0 aperture, 8X Zoom, and dual-LED flash while the front camera is quite basic with only 2 MP resolution. While smartphone manufacturers like HTC(Desire Eye)are aiming to make smartphones with 13 MP front camera’s this Moto lacks that selfie requirement by a big margin.

Google Nexus 6 – The rear camera on the google nexus 6 is a 13-megapixel, dual-LED flash camera with optical image stabilization to capture incredible shots in daylight and low lit conditions while the front camera in the Google Nexus 6 is also a 2MP camera which is again a disappointment like the Moto Turbo. From Main Camera point of view, both smartphones are good, and the MP difference is not something you should bother about. Google Nexus 6 with 13 MP camera can click equally good pictures. (Apple iPhone 6 still has an 8 MP camera, and is still one of the best).

Screen Size Resolution

Moto Turbo –  Moto turbo is a true flagship smartphone with ideal sized 5.2-inch QHD (1440×2560 pixels) display offering an incredible pixel density of 565 ppi. 

Google Nexus 6 – While Google Nexus 6 also has an AMOLED display with 5.96-inch screen size, with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution(493PPI). The PPI and screen for both the smartphone are great the minor difference in the PPi does not make any difference in the real world experience.


Moto Turbo – is powered by the Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 QSC 8084 Processor clocked at 2.7 GHz and mobile gaming beast Adreno 420 GPU which offers exhilarating gaming performance.  The Moto Turbo offers 3 GB ram which is more than enough for the current generation of Apps and also for near future.

Google Nexus 6 – Google Nexus 6 has the same Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 QSC 8084 Processor clocked at 2.7 GHz and mobile gaming beast Adreno 420 GPU  and with 3 Gb Ram, performance wise both the smartphones are equal with same hardware specs.


Moto Turbo comes with 64 GB internal storage which cannot be expanded using a microSD card. The Google Nexus 6 has actually 2 variants one with 32GB internal storage and other with the 64 GB internal storage.


Connectivity options are similar for both the devices both offer Wifi 801.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0 and 2G / 3G / 4G LTE connectivity for high-speed data transfer.

Operating System and User Experience

Google Nexus 6 and Motorola Turbo both have the latest Android Operating System Lollipop version 5.0 running out of the box. The material design on the lollipop makes it very easy to work on both these smartphones with intuitive notifications and disturbance-free call handling features. Both score equally on the user experience and operating system front. However, Google always releases the latest OS first on the Nexus devices which means that the Nexus 6 will get future updates faster than the Moto Turbo.

Battery Capacity

Here Moto Turbo scores big against the Google Nexus 6 with its huge 3900 mAh battery which is 21% larger than the Google Nexus 6 3220 mAh battery and will roughly give 20% more usability with a single charge compared to the Google Nexus 6. The Google Nexus 6 battery is good enough just to make you sail through the day easily, but Turbo has a real edge when it comes to battery life. Both the smartphones have quick charging battery which means you can charge them to 100% in 3-4 hours time or even faster.

Verdict – Moto Turbo Vs. Google Nexus 6 Comparison.

The Google Nexus 6 is a 6-inch large screen smartphone which gives you pure android experience with impressive hardware and top notch built quality. You are bound to get the latest and greatest OS updates from Google if you choose to go ahead with the Google Nexus 6.

Moto Turbo – Is a 5.2-inch screen size smartphone with awe-inspiring specs and build quality. The battery performance stands out compared to the Google Nexus 6, and the internal storage you get is 64 GB in a smartphone which is 3-4k cheaper than the Google Nexus 6. Considering Camera and performance at par Vs. Nexus 6, it is also a great smartphone to purchase.

Hope the comparison helped you to decide which smartphone, you want as your next companion.

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