Moto Z Play Moto Z Style And Moto Mods – All You Want To Know

Motorola will unveil the new Moto flagship smartphone today at the Lenovo Tech World event in San Francisco. There are also strong rumors that a watered down version of Moto Z Style will be launched which is named as the MOTO Z Play.

Motorola is also going to ditch the old naming scheme for the Series ” X”  and a new “Z” series will be unveiled. Related – Motorola Moto Z Play Review – A battery monster that’s unlikely to Impress Shutterbugs

The event is scheduled in San Francisco today June 9th at (10:30pm IST). Related – Motorola Moto Z Play Review – A battery monster that’s unlikely to Impress Shutterbugs

Moto Z Play Moto Z Style And Moto Mods - All You Want To Know

It is been anticipated a lot since months as it’ll be the first for Lenovo to present the new Moto Flagship series.
Recently Lenovo released new teasers related to Moto Z. The image below was posted on Weibo. The side profile seemed to be very thin comes with a camera bump. The power button long with the volume button seems to reside on the same side. Moto Z will be offered in Silver/Greysih, Gold and Rose Gold color.


Another teaser shows the 16 “magnetic points” found on the back of the Moto Z . This points are used for attaching various add-ons and the one referred to; in this teaser is the Camera Moto Mod. It is rumoured it will be capable of  using a 10X optical zoom.


Although the connectors to be found on the back were unusual for everybody, but now the introduction of MotoMods have given us a clearer picture. The MotoMods are re-imagined covers which have their own unique functionality.

Moto Mods is something similar as we have seen with the LG G5 and it is a step closer for the smartphones to become modular.

Earlier this month there were leaks related to Several MotoMods. There are about 6 MotoMods anticipated to launch with the new smartphones.


One looks like to add high quality camera features. There’s a dedicated button for snapping photos, what looks like a Xenon flash and a large lens with a built-in cover.

The one on the left is a projector and the one in the middle features JBL speakers and the camera module features a “Hasselblad Camera.”

Moto Z 2016 Release Date

KEY SPECS Anticipated For the MOTO Z Style and the MOTO Z Play

Moto Z StyleMoto Z Play
Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Qualcomm Snapdragon 652
5.5 inch QHD display5.5 inch FHD display
32GB/64GB inbuilt storage32GB inbuilt storage
5.2 mm thickness7 mm thickness
2600 mAh battery 3500 mAh battery
Turbo chargingTurbo charging

Other leaks of MotoMods point out different names and functionality to it such as:

  •  Moto Adventure
  •  Moto Theatre
  •  Moto Stereo
  •  Moto Power

All the covers in the pic having Moto Logo are been blurred and the bottom part of the phone as well making us wonder whether the speakers would be bottom or front facing.

The StyleMods are simply covers with connectors which then connect to the phone and just give an aesthetic look and have no functionality to it.

There seems to be lot of options from Black and Brown leather to Black Apricot, Nylon, and Wood.

Moto Z Play Moto Z Style And Moto Mods

This time it is lenovo which is going to showcase the MotoMaker and make them; it doesn’t provide lots of features but it can be a boon for Indian Users as Lenovo is likely to get the custom modules to the Indian market.

Let’s see if this unique take on customization from Lenovo pays off or not.


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