As a nation we might not be among the richest few in the world, however, we surely have a lot of individuals who make it to the list of richest personalities in the world. While quite a lot of them have received these riches in heredity, a lot of them have spanned the journey from rags to riches. Some just focus of the desired destination while some fulfil a lot of dreams and aspirations as they make a mark on the world with their journey to success.

Infosys was established by N. R. Narayana Murthy and six engineers in Pune, India, with an initial capital of US$ 250, and now employees 1,94,000 people and have US$ 9.50 billion (FY16 revenues) with a market capitalization of approximately US$ 43.7 billion.

Narayan Murthy-The Industrial Saint of India

When the latter kind of individuals grow, they just don’t grow themselves; the nation grows with them. Their aspirations make them an industrialist and their deportment make them saintly. Sounds like a difficult combination, doesn’t it? But such a rare combination does exist and all of us are not quite unfamiliar with the name. The man with a godly name and a saintly personality- Narayan Murthy!!!

The Beginning….

Post achieving his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Mysore & his Masters from IIT Kanpur, Murthy moved to London to work with a company called SESA. Marking his first step towards success Murthy designed a special software for Air freight at the Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. Later he returned to India and worked as Chief Systems Programmer with IIM Ahmedabad. Driven by his passion to start something on his own, he ventured into building his own software consulting firm-Softronics, based in Pune.


Contrary to the expectations of Murthy the company could not do well and had to be wound up. Patni Computer systems was the next milestone his success story. Patni Computers served as an important rostrum towards implanting the seed for this gigantic tree with ever flourishing branches-Infosys.

 Behind Every Narayan, is a Sudha!!

Narayana Murthy’s success is never going to be complete without the mention of Sudha Murthy. An accomplished woman in herself, Sudha Murthy is just not another trophy wife. Before she met Narayana Murthy, and even today when his name is synonymous with IT infrastructure in India, she has always had a separate identity for herself. She’s always been with her husband yet never been overshadowed by his enormous fame & success. Honestly speaking, to me personally, Sudha Murthy is more inspiring as a persona than Mr. Murthy.


A selfless woman, who has set new standards to the world of Philanthropy. Mr. & Mrs. Murthy met while both of them were working at Patni Computers. Like a true life partner she believed in him and his dreams. Encouraging him to not give up his hopes & pursue his passion, she provided the seed capital for setting up Infosys.

She pawned her jewellery to lay the foundation for Infosys. She was also one of the major shareholders of Infosys. She herself proclaims that the only assets she has are her prized collection of books. She doesn’t own any jewellery or fancy assets as other women of her eminence. ‘How I taught my grandmother to read’, ‘The day I stopped drinking milk’, ‘Dollar bahu’ etc- her books are a treat for voracious readers. Man!!! I could go on and on about this wonderful lady, but let’s not move away from our topic.

The Power of giving…

It’s difficult to part from what you’ve created, built and strengthened it with your sweat & soul. But that’s how you know how altruistic this man is!!! He knows that giving doesn’t take away what you have, instead it adds… to your satisfaction, to your sense of being selflessly superior and to believing that you only give away the creation, not the calibre to create it. Murthy voluntarily stepped aside from his positon as the chairperson of Infosys to let Mr. Nandan Nilekani, his colleague and his comrade from his days of toil to institute Infosys.

He still holds the position of the Chairman Emeritus of Infosys. This Giver has also been the recipient of several Awards & recognition which also include the Padma Vibhushan & the Padma Shri

Infosys & India

Murthy has been elemental in bringing up & implementing the Global Delivering Model for IT services which made India the pioneer in IT services. Thousands of employees & billions of customers have been at the receiving end of what this genius had to give.


IT sector and the related employment has boomed beyond expectations and still thrives as one of the largest contributors to the GDP of the nation. From ringing the closing bells at Nasdaq to being the largest provider of outsourced IT services, Infosys has left no stone unturned in gaining global recognition for India. Infosys has been the sole reason to bring up a whole new wave of employment opportunities for IT & software professionals.

Murthy – the Saint!!

Murthy is considered as one of top 5 entrepreneurs in India. He has received several national & international accolades. All these achievements have not changed him as a person. In fact these have added to his humility & grace. Calling him down to earth would surely be an understatement. His colleagues & people who’ve closely worked with him accept that he’s still the person who he was when Infosys was just an idea. This exceptionally well executed idea has not taken him on an ego trip or made him too proud to forget his roots.

Humility & grace personified, this man is what any synonyms of saintly cannot define. Any adjective of any degree cannot describe his humility & gratefulness.

It’s seldom that we use so many human qualities to describe a person who is so well known for his ambitiousness & industrial prosperity. Their philanthropy would surely be a topic people would find in their respective biographies, but I reckon nobody has yet been this selfless that his human virtue have been as prominent as his professional attainments.

This son of the soil has brought not only respect and recognition for his motherland worldwide but also given a lot others the opportunity to do the same. The standards he’s set are too high for any individual to meet in the near future. He deserves love & respect both unbiased. Kudos !!!

Here is a Special Interview Mr. Narayan Murthy Gave to BBC : Startup Stories. 

Story is a Special Contribution by Krutika Shetty.

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