Netflix Make it Affordable By Sharing


Netflix is launched in India but lot of users may not find the service affordable.  We will get to how you can make the service more affordable for you, but before that lets look at Netflix as a service and what it offers.

Netflix Make it Affordable By Sharing

Netflix is the most popular internet streaming service in the world & is now available in India. It is priced at Rs . 500. The first month trial is free for you to try the service and decide if you wish to continue.

Netflix is one of the largest video content aggregator and has a large collection of TV shows and movies. They are also planning to bring in more regional content for India and Indian Bollywood movies. There are already some movies on Netflix for India like Piku and Singh is Bling to name afew.


To get the service activated you will have to go to Netflix portal and register for the service and pay initial $1 fees to activate the service by using a credit card or you can also use your paypal account. Takes 5 minutes to do all of this, I am already trying the service.

Netflix can be watched on a smart tv connected to internet, or on a laptop or mobile. You can also use the service with Chrome-cast, Apple TV, Playstation 4 to stream your favorite online content on your TV.

Netflix has shared their ambitious plan to expand globally. The service is now available in 190 countries. It is essential for Netflix to expand to other countries, mentioned Netflix CEO, as the growth in US market has slowed down.

Netflix is also offering two more plans in India for Rs. 650 and Rs. 800 wherein you can use the service on 2 devices and 4 devices simultaneously.


Apart from having Hollywood movies and popular serials in Full HD quality , Netflix also has  UHD (4K) which can also be viewed if you have a 4K monitor or TV.

However you will need a fast broadband to stream the content on your smart devices, and it may also push up your broadband bill if you are too engrossed in watching serials on Netflix.

How to make Netflix Affordable By Sharing

As I said above there is not trick to get it cheaper though, Netflix says that you can take the connection for 4 devices at Rs. 800. It will be Rs. 200 if you take one connection and share it with 3 more friends.

We actually subscribed to the service today morning and split the bill among 4 friends.

One of my friends suggested the above method and we are glad for his contribution to applying this Indian Jugaad” to make the service cheaper in India.

It is much better to pay Rs. 200 compared to taking a single plan for Rs. 500, and also note that you can’t watch the HD content in the Rs. 500 plan but on a shared plan all 4 members can watch HD content at the same time. Even 4K (UHD) is also available in Rs. 800 Plan.

How Much Data Does Netflix Streaming Consume ?

Another very important question that most of you would have already thought of. I used the service for some time but there is no option available while watching video to increase or decrease the resolution as is there in the Youtube.

You will have to go to your profile and then change the data settings if you think that streaming is using too much of data, you can lower the quality settings in your profile.

  • Low Quality per hour of streaming uses 0.3 GB
  • HD Quality per hour of streaming uses 0.7 GB
  • UHD Quality per hour of streaming uses 7 GB

Netflix Make it Affordable By Sharing

I guess UHD streaming is going to cost a bomb even if you watch 1 hour per day. Considering we watch 2 hours per day we would be using close to 45 GB of data per month, Internet plan for so much data is going to cost more and you will need a good internet connection 1 MBPS or 2 MBPS may not be able to give you high definition of streaming.

I will share my experience soon about the Netflix service in detail soon, so far it looks promising and there is no harm in doing the first month trial run.

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