New AMD Processor for PC Gaming : AMD RYZEN

RYZEN – AMD has risen to the occasion after years of waiting with the new Zen Architecture based processors called as RYZEN. Something which PC gamers have been waiting for long, to have a real competitor to Intel. To have a choice, and to have something different to play games with, and to boast about.

AMD CEO Lisa Su, announced and shared more details about the upcoming Desktop processor by AMD at an even in Sunnyvale, California. AMD RYZEN is the name given to the desktop series of processors which will be available to purchase in the Q1 2017, most likely after March 2017.

New AMD Processor for PC Gaming

The New AMD Processor was showcased alongside one of the most powerful competition Desktop Processor – Intel 6900K (Broadwell E).

AMD has been literally out of business at the higher end of processor market for long the last good selling Processor was the AMD FX8350 (based on the bulldozer architecture). That too was less power efficient and powerful compared to the Intel Core i5 and Core i7 counterparts.

Dr. Lisa Su was excited at the partial unveiling of the new 8 Core and 16 thread AMD Ryzen, when it out performed the Intel fastest 6900K in some of the applications like the handbrake and 4K gaming.

AMD paired the new RYZEN processor with the Nvidia GTX Titan X SLI and competed with the Intel Core i7 6900K using the same GPUs, playing Battlefield 1 in 4K resolution. As expected AMD chipset was faster when compared to the Intel 6900K.

In an interview given to venture beat she said they are most excited about the future of PC gaming and VR in 2017. There has been very less innovations which have  happened in the processors but with the new AMD processors there can be lot of improvement to the performance.

AMD is likely to launch 3 variants of the RYZEN – the SR7 will be equivalent to the Intel Core i7 , while there will be 4 Core and 2 Core processors which can be SR5 and SR3. Somewhat in line whit what intel has with it’s Core i7, i5 and i3.

The Gaming PC market is also expected to grow by 25% in the 2017 and 2018 period as per a recent Jon Peddie research. While the VR market is expected to easily grow over 10 fold in the coming 2 years.

The AMD RYZEN as we know it comes with a 3.4 GHz base clock, of course there will be a turbo boost which AMD has yet not shared. The processor will come with 20 MB Cache size which is similar to the Intel 6900K. (The 6900K retails for $1000)

It is not the core clock which matters it is the instructions per clock which makes the processor faster and AMD claims the new processors offer 40% fasters instructions per clock compared to the old generation of AMD processors.

AMD Precision Boost – AMD has used a precision boost technology to adjust the clock speed based on the demand, and the it can adjust and fine tune the clock speed to ensure higher energy efficiency as well as performance.

Neural Net prediction – is another cutting-edge technology build into the RYZEN, it is an Artificial intelligence mechanism which learns to predict what future pathway an application will take based on past runs.

AMD RYZEN comes with a low TDP much lower than the past generations, it has 95 Watts TDP when compared to the Intel Skylake 6700K which comes with

Also as per AMD it will have a sufficient room for overclocking with liquid coolers. Something what enthusiasts and PC gamers will look forward too.

I think it is great for the otherwise monotonous, Intel Dominated PC processor industry. We will have fresh breeze of competition and some newness. It has been long since I have used an AMD chipset, the last was AMD Athlon more than 14 years ago.

AMD already have the Polaris architecture based AMD RX 480 GPU, but they don’t have anything in the higher range to compete the Nvidia GTX 1070 or GTX 1080. AMD also showed a glimpse of performance of the VEGA series of graphics cards which are expected to come in next year and would compete with the Nvidia’s fastest GPU’s.

AMD RYZEN comes with advanced SenseMI technology which improves the power efficiency of the processors along with adaptive learning to ensure better performance for PC gamers.

While all the above sounds intriguing and we are excited for the future, more performance numbers will get revealed when the Ryzen comes in production and more independent reviewers test the real life performance of the AMD’s greatest processor.

AMD has also shared some more details in a recent blog post on their official website, worth checking – AMD RYZEN.

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