New Apple Watch 2 to launch with iPhone 7 in Sep 16 : Leaks

New Apple Watch 2 to launch with iPhone 7 in Sep 16 : Leaks

New Apple Watch 2 to launch with iPhone 7 in Sep 16 – Ming-Chi Kuo a well known analyst has stated in a new note sent to macrumors and Appleinsider that Apple is possibly looking for an upgrade of Apple Watch 2 for 2016.  While there are tons of rumors on the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus there is hardly anything we heard on the Apple watch 2 before this new report from Ming-chi Kuo.

New Apple Watch 2 to launch with iPhone 7 in Sep 16

Before this report there have been several reports sent by him in earlier years and veteran has been correct on most occasions about Apple product predictions. The report states that the new Apple watch will have improved performance and will also have a GPS chip.

Apple Watch 2

The original Apple watch was launched 2 years back and this year the new watch can see improvements in many areas compared to the first generation Apple watch.

Apple is reportedly looking to launch 2 new models of Apple Watch 2 this year and the new Watch though is likely to feature a similar design as the current watch will get internal upgrades. Apple is considering to use a thinner display on the watch and could be an OLED screen.

The Apple Watch 2 will feature a 16 Nm processor from TSMC , a GPS radio and a barometer. Apple will require a larger battery capacity to accommodate a faster processor and components, which means they would not be able to make it much thinner than the current Watch, according to Ming-chi.

Apple will have 2 variants and the second variant could be more affordable and will be similar to the current watch with minor updates.  The cheaper Apple Watch 2 variant is alleged to miss on the features like barometer and the GPS.

According the report Next year Apple may launch a new Watch LTE support and an overhauled design.  Apple Watch 2 is expected to launch with the new iPhone 7 sometime next month, Apple has yet not finalized the launch event date for the iPhone 7.

Apple Buys Machine Learning Startup 

In a related new Apple has also acquired an Artificial intelligence machine learning company known as Turi, for a hefty $200 million price (approx. 1300 crore). Apple is planning to use the Artificial intelligence to counter the growing Google and Microsoft expertise in the field and to make our beloved Siri more sharp then you may like.

Apple iPhone 7 to feature pressure sensitive Home Button. 

New Apple Watch 2 to launch with iPhone 7 in Sep 16

Also later today there was news that Apple iPhone 7 can feature a pressure sensitive Home touch button, as reported by Bloomberg. The smartphone home button will have an haptic feedback much like the latest Macbook trackpad instead of the click feel that the users get currently. Apple is also planning to remove the headphone jack and will be using the thunderbolt port and bluetooth instead.

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