Next Gen AMD Graphics Cards are Revolutionary : Polaris Architecture

AMD and Polaris Architecture

AMD has just shared the roadmap for the next generation of graphics card architecture to media for 2016 and it looks prodigious. We have been waiting for something big from AMD for quite some time and the Polaris based graphics cards look promising.

Next Gen AMD Graphics Cards are Revolutionary

AMD Polaris architecture cards will have  4th Gen Graphic Core Next and will be manufactured using the 14 nm FinFET process. The current generation of AMD and Nvidia processors work on the 32 Nm process. The move is actually great for the Industry as a whole and a tremendous benefit for the PC gamers.

While smartphone and desktop processors are already moving to the 14 NM process. There was also a news some days back that there is a possibility of a tie-up between Samsung and AMD to bring the 14 nm manufacturing process to it’s CPU’s which can be one of the technology partners for AMD even in developing Polaris (though not confirmed).

AMD has gone through a major restructuring in the last year and formed a new structure and company (Radeon Technology Group) under the leadership of Raja Kodouri. One of the key focus for the RTG ( Radeon Technology Group)  is to work on the next generation of PC graphics cards.

Polaris Architecture

AMD showcased the Polaris architecture based processor performance, compared to the Nvidia Graphics card. The actual graphics card was not shown but the performance comparison with the mid-range Nvidia GTX 950 provided.

The Polaris based AMD graphics card is almost 50% more energy efficient in comparison with the Nvidia GTX 950. It is great news for the Gamers as the new graphics cards will have much better performance per watt.

Next Gen AMD Graphics Cards are Revolutionary

Also one of the major issues with high-end graphics cards like AMD R9 Fury X and Nvidia GTX Titan is the amount of heat they generate and need for cooling. Polaris will help reduce the cooling requirements with less heat generation, for the same level of performance.

The other major improvement will come to Laptops which have even more constrained space for heat dissipation. Laptops will be able to deliver better performance with the new set of mobile graphics cards with low TDP.

The Key features of the Polaris architecture support for HDMI 2.0a, 4K support, Optimized FinFET.


AMD Polaris based graphics cards will come in Mid 2016 and may likely get to markets in July – August 2016. We are looking forward to the next generation of graphics cards to bring in more muscle and power efficiency. AMD is also planning to bring a new generation of desktop processors. We may expect them to be at par with Intel and may use the 14 nm manufacturing process.

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