NextBit Robin Cloud First Uniquely Designed Smartphone (Razer Takeover)

You thought OnePlus 2 or the iPhone 6 was revolutionary and out of the box idea think again we have for your the “Robin”. Now the smartphone will launch in India by the end of this month. The launch date is 25th May 2016 as confirmed by the company.

Update 25- May-2016 – The Next Bit Robin is launched in India today available at Rs. 19,999 and will be exclusive to Flipkart.  Besides, it will go on sale starting Monday, 30 May 2016.

NextBit Robin Cloud First Uniquely Designed Smartphone

It was also available for import for close to Rs. 30,000, but now the company is planning to set operations in India.

Robin – the smarter phone by the company known as the Next bit.

Let’s Check out what is different with the Next Bit Robin.

This is there first attempt at making a smartphone which is different from other dozen mobiles.

The smartphone has a USP (unique selling proposition) – it has got a deeper cloud integration.


They call it the cloud first mobile, smarter in comparison to other phones. As it understands how users use phones and apps.

According to your usage and need, the smartphone removes Apps and photos and take a back up of cloud storage. In case you need that app back you can restore it easily.

It may have an impact on my ever soaring data bills. And also it is a bit difficult to trust cellular operators in India for a seamless connectivity for cloud back up and restores.

Most smartphones with usage start to slow down. Accumulating a lot of data, photos, and videos and eventually, we even run out of storage.

The Nextbit Robin doesn’t let that happen to the users – it is a cloud-first smartphone which utilizes the cloud better to make sure that the data is automatically backed up on the cloud.

Nextbit – Company Details


Nextbit is founded by 2 ex-Google employees and 1 HTC former employee.

Tom Moss CEO and founder of Nextbit has worked in Google as Head of Business Development and partnership for Android till 2010.

Mike Chan is the CTO and Co-founder of the Next Bit who has also worked in Google as a software engineer in Android division.

Scott Croyle Chief product and design officer for Nextbit has worked with HTC as senior vice president design and user experience.

Design and Why it Looks the Way it looks…

Croyle (design officer) says,”I was bored to death with the same conventional black, grey and white phones”. He wanted something bold, something extraordinary which can be anything but boring.

NextBit Robin Cloud First Uniquely Designed Smartphone

The smartphone looks boxy and flatters rectangular from the front, but most of the other things are circular if you observe the front and the bottom speaker grill or the camera at the back or even the flash.

It looks more of a contradicting unique design which has both the rectangular frame and circles.

It is something peculiar and we don’t come across something like this very often, missing the Yotaphone 2.

How user-friendly the concept will be and how much will they be able to sell in India is a separate story.

NextBit Smartphone Specs and Details: 

The charming boxy greeny smartphone has a lot of muscle under the hood. Powering the phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 Hexa Core processor, same as used in LG G4 or Google Nexus 2015.

The phone has 3 GB of RAM and will also get the Android 6.0 Marshmellow update, though it currently has the Android Lollipop OS.

It has 32 GB of internal storage and additionally offers 100 GB of cloud storage. The phone ensures that all your unused data and apps move to the cloud before you run out of space.


Also, it has front-facing stereo speakers which is loud and clear.  The screen size is 5.2 inches and comes with a Full HD Display 1920*1080.

Besides, The Robin even has a Fingerprint scanner (embedded into the power button on the right side)  to enhance the security and make access easy.

The 13 MP rear camera with phase detection autofocus, dual-tone flash, and RAW support makes taking images a delight on the device. For Selfie lovers it offers a 5 MP front-facing camera.

The battery capacity of the smartphone is good but not the greatest, it packs 2680 mAh battery with quick charging capabilities.

Connectivity options include – Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, support for NFC and Android Pay.  It also supports Global GSM and WCDMA along with Global 4G LTE (bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/20/28).

The smartphone is available in two color versions: mint and midnight black.

Update 31/Jan/2017 – Razer Ventures into Smartphones with Nextbit TakeOver

Razer Ventures into Smartphones with Nextbit TakeOver

NextBit also launched the smartphone in India, back in May 2016, and it was received well by many enthusiasts, for being different.

Now the startup is acquired by the Gaming hardware giant Razer. The financial numbers and terms of the acquisition are kept under wraps for now.

But Razer has said that the NextBit brand will continue to exist and would continue to offer warranty support to buyers.

The NextBit will continue to operate as an independent unit but will be guided by the Razer management.

Will we see Razer branded smartphones and tablets in near future? Razer says, not so soon.

As per the tweet from NextBit, they claim they will have access to more resources and they will continue to do some [email protected]## work in the future.

What does the merger mean for Razer – they will get the needed experience for stepping into the smartphone world. Razer already have a solid experience in making laptops and PC accessories like Gaming Mouse and Keyboards.

The Move will certainly help the company expand into the world of smartphones and it will be intriguing to see if there are some gaming dedicated smartphones launched in Future.

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