Nintendo NX Console and Zelda U – ALL We Know

Though there are not too many fans of the Nintendo Console in India those who love it are eagerly awaiting the next Console from the Japanese gaming legend. New information has surfaced about Zelda U. Nintendo insider Emily Rogers teased that some official news might be coming our way soon and before leaving, tweeted this information.

Nintendo NX Console and Zelda U

For the first time in the Zelda franchise, there might be two playable characters. Male and Female. Link has long stood to be the sole protagonist of this famous franchise. Zelda games since its first release in 1986 have sold over 62 Million copies making it one of the most prominent Nintendo franchise.

This game in usual Zelda fashion would focus on exploration and puzzle solving in an open world with Action adventure sparks. Zelda game generally has no voice acting in them, all the NPCs voices are in a mythical comedic language with subtitles indicating their speech.

Nintendo NX Console and Zelda U

However Link as our main protagonist won’t be speaking which was undoubtedly the best decision, and voice acting with other characters might give us more information about the world as they give out side quests.

Nintendo only recently introduced a new Female character named “Linkle” in Game: Hyrule Warriors. She could take center stage in the new Zelda U if selected.


Zelda U is shrouded in much mystery and controversy these years. First promised to be released on Wii U, it was pushed to the new console Nintendo NX after seeing the poor sales of WiiU.

Fans have speculated that maybe Nintendo has held back Zelda U to boost their NX console sales, making it only exclusive to it but this rumor does signals that the game will be releasing on both the consoles.

A similar case had happened to a previous Zelda game called Twilight Princess which also ended up releasing on both Wii and GameCube. As one of the most iconic franchises in gaming history, second none to Mario, all eyes are on Nintendo to deliver with this game.

Upcoming Nintendo Console NX

A separate leak from this one shared some information about Nintendo NX to be x86 architecture. This is AMD based architecture which PS4 and XB1 have adopted in this Gen cycle, making it easy for games on one platform to be ported to another one. As Nintendo has always struggled with 3rd party Support for games, this could be a deciding factor in its success, making NX on par with PS4 and XB1 games.


This particular leak was verified by Reddit moderators, so it holds some credibility. Also, NX being able to communicate with every smartphone devices and supporting secondary screen might be another sign of Nintendo’s new focus toward getting mobile game industry into their fold.

Nintendo is expected to reveal their new Console codenamed NX and the launch lineup which might include favorite fan games like Pikmin 4 and Zelda U at E3 this year.

We might even see a port of Splatoon and Smash Bros on NX alongside some previous speculations about Square Enix making an NX game and EA working on an NX port of one of their AAA game…all this combined might make NX launch lineup turn some heads.

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