2 Minute Guide to Know all about Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is back with the release of their new console. And as many have put it, it’s a do, or almost-die situation with Nintendo now.

The fans after the reveal have mostly been split up, somebody overjoyed with the return of Nintendo, Zelda, and 3D Mario, while others being extremely disappointed claiming no third party will ever attract to a hardware like this. I will leave the final result for you to decide.

2 Minute Guide to Know all about Nintendo Switch

After much hype and what can only be termed as an ungodly amount of speculation regarding its hardware, the Nintendo Switch was revealed to be launching on 3rd March, And it came with a surprise for unsuspecting gamers.  

What comes with the Console?

 Nintendo hardly does anything conventional, and Switch is so far the most doozy. It basically jam packs your handheld / WiiU controller itch and your proper TV console experience with all the motion gaming shenanigans that came with ultra-popular Wii.

Nintendo Switch box contents

2 Joy Con Controllers

They can be used separately for 2 players to play motion-based games or be fixed with the Switch to act as your handheld gaming device. You can also fix them on the shipped Joy-Con Grip which would make this a conventional controller to play games on your television.

It’s safe to assume these Joy con controllers can be bought separately for 8 players to play on a single Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Switch

This is your 6.2 inch, multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, with a display resolution of 1280×720.

Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch play

Joy Con controllers mentioned earlier can be fixed right beside the screen to switch this into a handheld gaming device. This basically takes cares Nintendo releasing another handheld device alongside their normal TV console – making this a genius decision all around.

Not to mention they can now put all their teams to work and master a single device rather than splitting them into 3DS games and WiiU games.

Nintendo Switch Dock

This is your normal TV-Console experience. You just have to place the Nintendo Switch screen into the dock, which enables it to process more graphics power and place Joy-cons into the Joy-Con Grip to make it into a normal controller with Xbox gamepad patterns.  

Nintendo Switch Dock

Joy Con Grip and Strip

As mentioned earlier, Joy Con Grip is your normal controller and Joy Con Grip seen below is your Wii controller- look alike, able to play all the motion based games with your little niece/nephew and your grandmother.

Nintendo Switch controller

All these items will be available in the box.

Nintendo Switch Hardware

Not much is known about its hardware spec. All we know is that it is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip, which makes it more powerful than WiiU, but still behind Xbox One and PS4, and by a huge amount if we are acknowledging Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro. But we expected this, Nintendo is never known for their graphics prowess but their gameplay elements.

Nintendo Switch connect to TV

While Switch is working as a handheld its GPU can run at 307.2 MHz, while after placing it into the dock for having a TV-Console experience it will be able to squeeze out 768MHz of speed. The Screen can display 1080p content, with up to 32gb storage – which might not sound much but Nintendo games don’t come with discs but cartilages which can be plugged and played.

Nintendo Switch USB

Battery life is 6 Hours, which depends upon the game. For example, Nintendo claims running Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will have a battery life of 3 hours.

Release Date

            Nintendo Switch with all its accessories mentioned above is coming at a price of 299.99$, which in India will most probably cost more than Rs. 25,000/ after all the taxes and Nintendo bad deals in India. It is indeed region free so we have something to look forward to which could lower down the price of consoles as well as the games into the console.

Launch Date: 3rd March 2017

Now, all we can do is sit back and see how this unfolds. Gamestop is revealing that they have already run out of Nintendo Switch and every last one of them has already been pre-ordered. But Nintendo has been infamous in handling their supply of hardware or…almost anything except software, so it is not a clear sign that people are loving it.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Games

However Switch is launching with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which looks just absolutely breathtaking, which will give the Switch launch sales truly a huge push considering the Wii U launch will be lukewarm considering how less WiiU’s are out there. And Nintendo being basically unutilized for the entire past year could / should mean they must have made all their studios to work on Switch games – giving a good lineup till the holidays where another fan favorite 3D Super Mario Odyssey.

Signs for Third party software is not showing right now as we expect from a normal console launch, but it is Nintendo we are talking about so it is kinda normal. Nintendo did tease all-time fan favorites like Metroid and Mother 3. Every fan out there is eagerly waiting for march 3 and then the explosive E3 conference for all new games which could be arriving. So far, worldwide appeal wise we all have whimsical Legend of Zelda Trailer to company us.

Watch the Legend of Zelda 2017 Trailer

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