HMD Global launched the mid-range Nokia 6 smartphone in India back in June 2017. The smartphone went on for sale recently in India at Rs. 14,999 exclusively on Amazon India. Prior to that Nokia 6 was launched in China in January 2017 priced at CNY 1699 or Rs. 16,500.

We were able to grab a Nokia 6 unit in its first flash sale on Amazon India, thankfully. The smartphone got sold out in a frenzy on 23rd of August and the next sale date for the smartphone is on 30th August,12 pm on Amazon.

Nokia 6 Indian Version Brief Review

We have got the matte color variant for the Nokia 6 from Amazon. Though the Arte Black color of Nokia 6 launched in China looks incredible.

We got the device 3 days back and wanted to share a brief overview of the Nokia 6 and what we liked or disliked about it. Here’s what we feel about the Nokia 6 Indian variant.

Before going forward, take a look at the key specifications of the Nokia 6, if you don’t remember.

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Nokia 6 Indian version comes in the nice large box along with a charger, bundled earphones, and user manual.

Nokia 6 Indian Version Brief Review

Nokia 6 Design and Build Quality 

Now that we’ve listed the specifications of the Nokia 6, let’s speak about the Nokia 6 highlight factors. Several international websites have claimed that the Nokia 6’s design is its major strength. Now we have seen the device in real life, we felt the same.

Nokia 6 India Review

The Nokia 6 doesn’t look like a sub Rs. 15,000 smartphone. Indeed, it has a better design than some other competitor smartphones priced below Rs. 30,000. The smartphone comes with a speaker grill at the bottom with Micro-USB port (there is no USB Type C Port).

One one side we have accurately machined and fitted power and volume rocker buttons which look as robustly built as the rest of the phone. The front side carries the 8 Megapixel selfie camera and an oblong shaped home button, which seems to be thinner than the one used on the Moto G5 plus and the Samsung J7 Pro.

The front side carries the 8 Megapixel selfie camera and an oblong shaped home button, which seems to be thinner than the one used on the Moto G5 plus and the Samsung J7 Pro.

Nokia 6 has a hybrid Sim slot

Nokia 6 India Review image

The Nokia 6 is built like a tank. With its full metal body and chamfered edges, the Nokia 6 just looks stunning. There’s a matte finish back panel, which is a fingerprint magnet, but all the fingerprints can be easily wiped off.

Nokia 6 is tough and lives up to the Nokia brand name. It looks much better compared to competing smartphones under 20k.

*Nokia 6 is not water or dustproof we were just toying with it in the drizzle. Don’t try to sumberge the phone in water or rain.


The Nokia 6 has a 5.5-inch Full HD display, which matches every other smartphone in its price range. It offers decent viewing angles, and the best part is the panel is not reflective.

Nokia 6 India Review

Below the display, there are three hardware navigation keys – back, home, and multitasking. There is also no notification LED light which we think is a must for any modern mid-range smartphone.

The home button also comes integrated with a fingerprint scanner, which takes about a second to unlock the smartphone. It is not the fastest of the fingerprint scanners we have seen on the mid-range smartphone.


The Nokia 6 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset under-the-hood, which works in tandem with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.

The storage can be expanded using the micro-sd card slot if you are willing to compromise on the second sim. I am using 2 sims so the hybrid sim slot is kind of a drawback for me.

Nokia 6 Display

Let me be very frank here the performance is not the best in the price range because the chipset doesn’t handle intensive tasks well. Right from the start, the Nokia 6 shows signs of lags and stutters.

You open a couple of Apps like Facebook, Chrome, Whatsapp and Amazon shopping you start to feel there is a very slight feel of processor hunting for more power.

The performance on the Moto G5 Plus powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 is much better compared to the Nokia 6 or event the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 feels faster compared to using the Nokia 6.

Also, I use a Samsung S8 as a daily driver and my perception of a phone being fast may be a bit different from yours if you are coming from a budget mobile with lesser power.


Camera wise, the Nokia 6 comes with a 16 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front-facing shooter. The camera is something which we’re excited to test because the Nokia 6 rivals the Moto G5 Plus which has the best camera in sub Rs. 15,000 price point.

Good Amount of details are there in the image and color reproduction is also accurate.

Nokia 6 sample camera shot

The camera App takes 2-3 seconds to load which is not too much but certainly, you will notice it at times. The camera App is very simple and you can tap on the screen to focus on the subject.

As per the initial testing of the camera, I found it be good for all day light imaging. When the weather is cloudy or there is less light the camera struggles to focus and takes some time to find the correct focus points.

Good Focus ability and easy to click images with the Nokia 6

Nokia 6 sample camera shot

The front camera also comes with an 8 Megapixel sensor and also has Auto-focus support.

Overall the colour quality and exposure in the images is also well balanced. As per the initial testing, we can say it has a better camera compared to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and comes close to the Moto G5 Plus.

*Will add more details on the camera and gaming performance later on.

OS, Battery Life and Charging

The Nokia 6 Indian version runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat out-of-the-box, with a guaranteed upgrade to Android O by the end of this year. The UI feels smooth and is same as you would experience on a Motorola or Lenovo K8 with a minimum amount of bloat.

Nokia 6 OS and UI

The phone came preloaded with the Amazon prime videos and Amazon shopping app, as Nokia has partnered with Amazon. Other than that you get all the Google Apps which you find on the stock Android device.

There are very few preloaded Apps, some bloatware is there from Amazon.

There is also a Nokia support App which comes preloaded and the Nokia 6 also has support for FM Radio.

There is around 10 GB of storage space which already occupied by the OS and Apps, there is 22 GB of storage space which is available for users.

The Nokia 6 is backed by a 3000mAh battery, which is rated to last a single day. In practical usage, we are getting a screen on time of about 5 hours with the smartphone keeping the brightness to about 50%. The smartphone comes with a 2A and 5V charger which in my experience is not really fast takes over 2.1 hours to full charge the Nokia 6.

Call Connectivity Dual Sim and Sound Quality

The Nokia 6 Indian variant comes with Dual Sim Support, but it has the hybrid sim tray. You can use one Sim card and the second slot can be used for the micro-sd card. We tried the phone with the Reliance JIO sim and the call quality was great. The data connectivity also works as desired with the 4G network.

Nokia 6 Launched on Amazon Price Rs 14999 (Sale 23 Aug)

Sound Quality – The bottom speaker is moderately loud but is undeniably clear. The sound quality is great and you will like to listen to music on this or even the call volume is quite loud on the speaker. The earphones supplied with the smartphone are very basic and we found them to be useless. The Dolby DTS seems to subdue the speaker sound can keep it off if you wish to use the speaker more often.

Dolby DTS makes the sound richer if you are using a good pair of headphones with the Nokia 6.

We used the Sennheiser PX 80 headphones with the smartphone and the Dolby DTS does make a difference to the sound quality while watching the Game of Thrones season 7 or listening to your favourite song on the Nokia 6.

You also get the signature Nokia ring tone which is set by default in the smartphone and the Dolby settings are on by default, you can toggle it in the sound.

The Nokia 6 has lot of basic stuff done rightly by HMD global and it looks like it is a reliable device which can be used in rough conditions without worrying about the phone much. Though like everything else it comes with its own Good and Bad

What we Liked in the Nokia 6

  1. Great Build Quality (Aluminium 6000).
  2. Android Nougat 7.0 with Stock Android Experience.
  3. Loved the Sound Quality from Speakers (not too loud though) and it also comes with Dolby Atmos.
  4. Good Full HD Display, decent viewing angles.
  5. The camera is better compared to the Redmi Note 4.

What we Disliked in the Nokia 6

  1. The processor is not that powerful compared to Redmi Note 4 or Moto G5 Plus.
  2. No Led Light Notification.
  3. No Fast Charging Support.

Nokia 6 – Who Should Buy it, Initial Thoughts

Nokia 6 Indian Version Brief Review – What we Liked and Disliked – The highlights of the Nokia 6 are its build quality and stock Android support. The hardware of the phone is modest at its best. The Nokia 6 comes with hardware which was seen on the Xiaomi Redmi 3s.

But HMD says the new Nokia is not about specs, but it’s about consumers trust.

Nokia 6 is not meant for specs junkies they can happily get the Coolpad Coolplay 6 with the Snapdragon 653 and 6 GB of Ram or the slightly cheaper Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 which is powered by the faster Snapdragon 625 processor and comes with 4 GB of Ram.

Nokia 6 is meant for everyone, whose top priority is not just specs but a holistic phone and experience. A phone which can deliver everything in moderation and stand out in terms of build quality and works great in day to day usage.

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Nokia 6 REVIEW Summary and Rating

Nokia-6-Review Summary and Rating

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