Nokia Smartphone launch Confirmed At MWC 2017

According to MWC website, HMD which now owns Nokia’s Mobile brand license, has grabbed a spot at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2017. This confirms the launch of New Nokia smartphones in 2017. It’s rumored that the company has planned to launch two flagship and one Midrange smartphone at the event. The MWC next year is going to kick off on 27 Feb and will continue till 2nd March 2017.

Recently a Nokia smartphone with Model name Nokia D1C got leaked through Antutu benchmark site. The leaked specs of the D1C smartphone suggest a Full HD Display , Snapdragon 430 processor, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage and a 13 MP main camera. There is another Nokia high-end smartphone rumored to come with a 2K AMOLED screen and Snapdragon 821 processor. Apart from the smartphone launch, Nokia’s CEO Rajiv Suri will also deliver a Keynote at MWC 2017.

Nokia Smartphones Will Be Made BY Foxconn

Nokia has no plans to start manufacturing of phones by itself, instead the company has provided its patents and brand license to HMD to keep its brand alive. HMD will handle the sales and distribution of devices and Foxconn will be the manufacturing partner for HMD. Apple iPhones are also made by Foxconn.  Below is the structure that Nokia has officially shared and also check the road map.

Nokia Smartphone launch Confirmed At MWC 2017

HMD bought Nokia Brand licensing from Microsoft for 360 Million USD.  And said to be investing 500 million euros in the business. The company will release smartphones tablets in the name of Nokia for Next 10 years. Foxconn will remain as the manufacturing partner for HMD, And Nokia will receive Royalty payments in return. Infact it is not the Old Nokia, the Finnish smartphone manufacturer which will be calling the shots.

Nokia Smartphone launch Confirmed At MWC 2017

Apart from the licensing Phone business Nokia will also sells its patent licensing for VR, digital health equipment, Automotive and consumer electronic products in coming years.

A recall of Nokia and Microsoft Affair

Back in 2014, Microsoft bought Nokia’s Mobile devices and services for around 7 Billion USD, owing Microsoft the rights to sell feature phones and smartphones Made by Nokia. Microsoft  re-branded Nokia smartphones to Microsoft such as the Lumia series. Microsoft also acquired Nokia’s services, stores, Employees as the part of this acquisition.  If said simply, Microsoft Just Acquired Nokia’s infrastructure to build its Own brand. But the effort fell short of expectations, and it lost almost 8 Billion in this restructuring effort. There was a key role played by Steve Balmer who was the ex-CEO of Microsoft and also later on became the CEO of Nokia.

Nokia on the other hand was barred from selling phones in its own Name, so both the companies faced misfortune as a result of this deal.

However the deal was made to last only for few years , and has come to an end in the middle of 2016. Nokia has now sold the brand licence to HMD Global to use the brand name for selling Nokia smartphones worldwide.

Now the Brand license Agreement between Nokia and HMD will last for 10 years, which is twice the time of agreement between Nokia and Microsoft.

Again Nokia have no rights to release phones in its own name. The deal between Nokia and HMD may go well if HMD continues to release phones in the name of Nokia and bank on the brand name. And we hope that this new partnership may not get bitter for Nokia like the previous one. Microsoft on the other hand is planning it’s own smartphones like the surface mobile to replace the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.  Microsoft also launched one of their last, feature phone named as Nokia 216 in India.

Nokia still enjoys a very strong brand name in many markets. Once upon a time they had more than 70% share of the Indian mobile market and now it is nothing. With a relaunch they may be able to capture some of it back, but the scenario have changed now, and the Chinese tyrants are winning in India.

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