Now You Can Do HDFC Watch Banking With Apple Watch

Ever wondered paying your bills and checking your real-time account balance on a watch, this is becoming a reality. HDFC bank has launched the first Watch banking service in India. Which you can use on your Apple watch paired with an iPhone. The App works with iPhone 5 and above and iOS version 8.2 or higher.

Now You Can Do HDFC Watch Banking With Apple Watch

You need to have the latest HDFC banking app installed on your iPhone to use it, there is no need to separately install any App for the watch.

You can pair your iPhone with the watch and then need to access the App from the watch, you will be required to generate a 4 digit pin which is required every time you start a banking session from your apple watch.

The functionality is still available only for iOS and apple watch users, so far no word from the bank that it will come on Android watch and mobiles.

The feature is quite handy for those who do frequent bank transactions and need to check balance often, there is no need now to take out your iPhone, the watch does it all.

Is it safe to use the Apple watch for accessing HDFC Bank Account info?

HDFC Bank Watch Banking is as safe as MobileBanking. WatchBanking can be enabled only after you set it up using your customer ID and password. It works only when your iPhone is in close proximity to your watch. The moment you remove your Apple Watch, you need to enter your Apple Watch passcode to unlock it.   

Best Features and Watch Uses for Banking!

You can use the Watch banking with both the 38 mm and 42 mm Apple watch. For the watch, to function, you need the HDFC mobile banking app updated to the latest version.

You can pair one iPhone and watch, it can’t be used on 2 different watches paired with your iPhone.

You can do a number of Activities on your watch:

1) View information for all your accounts :

Now You Can Do HDFC Watch Banking With Apple Watch

2) Do a recharge for D2H( Tata Sky etc)  and telecom recharge service.

Now You Can Do HDFC Watch Banking With Apple Watch

3) Request Cheque book and account statement.

cheque book

4) Locate ATM’s and HDFC branches.

locate ATM and branches

5) Hotlist the Debit card immediately if you find it is stolen.

6) Location-based offers and M-commerce (Discount deals).

location based commerce

 Source:  HDFC Bank, You can view HDFC Watch Banking video Here.

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