NTES Android APP Must Download for Train Travelers

NTES APP Useful For Train Travelers

The NTES (National Train Enquiry System) APP is a must have for Indian frequent train travelers. I used it for tracking and found it easy to use, and thought it would be useful for some of the readers.

NTES Android APP Must Download for Train Travelers

The NTES APP was launched by the Indian Railways, and it is the official App to help frequent travelers using Indian railways network for taking holiday vacation trips, official trips, tours, and daily commute.

There is an NTES (National Train Enquiry System) website also that provides train-running related, and real-time status queries for all trains of India

The NTES (National Train Enquiry System) allows you to track the live trains (real-time status of running trains), trains that are currently running between stations. You can conveniently check, which trains are running late or are on time, using the NTES APP.

The App is available for Android Operating System as well as the Windows. You can install the NTES App/Software on your Windows PC or Laptop as well to check the status of trains.

NTES Website UI

NTES Android APP Must Download for Train Travelers

Notably, the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) launched the App last year on 22nd October 2014, and in the recent month, it has gone through various updates for bug fixes, crashes and performance improvements.

Further, the App was earlier launched for Windows phone in August 2014 and is free to download from the Windows Store. One of the best features of the App, used mostly by travelers is “spot your train” that provides information such as current position, expected arrival and departure time for any station.

The National Train Enquiry System (NTES) is a very informative channel that provides information to general public about train running in near real-time.

It uses multiple communication channels, such as nationwide unique rail inquiry number 139, or by Information Kiosks and most of all, by Android, Windows APP.

The National Train Enquiry System (NTES) App has the Following Key Features:

  1. Spot Your Train (Live Tracking of running Trains) by entering train number. You can easily track any train that is running currently.
  2. Live Station ( By entering Station Code) to check which Trains are coming in the next 2 hours or 4 hours to the particular station.
  3. Train Schedule for all Trains in India – this is particularly useful to check the train routes and stations through which it travels.
  4. Trains between Stations – you can enter two station names, and it will give information for all trains within these 2 stations.
  5. Canceled Trains – It gives information about the canceled trains for the same day, next day and the previous day.
  6. Rescheduled Trains – It gives information about the rescheduled trains for the same day, next day and the previous day.

National Train Enquiry System rescheduled train NTES NTES Android APP Must Download for Train Travelers National Train Enquiry System (NTES) image

The New Features Added to the NTES Android/Windows APP/IOS APP

Diverted route info for Diverted Trains with canceled route stations. (This was extremely helpful for situations like the Gujar Strike in Rajasthan couple of months back).

The App features

The App is reasonably popular among frequent travelers and is downloaded around 5,000,000 times only on the Android platform.

It got last updated on 5, June 2017. You can run the App on a phone with Android Version 2.3 or above.

The three most anticipated features that the App does not have are:

  1. PNR Status Enquiry.
  2. Book Train Tickets.
  3. Check Fares for Trains.

If railway can add these three features, it will become a very comprehensive Application.

The NTES APP For iPhone (iOS) and Apple Watch

Also, the NTES App is now available to use with your iPhone and the Apple Watch. You can download the NTES App to use with the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

Furthermore, the NTES App is also functional with the Apple watch, and you can access all the information about the live trains with the NTES APP on your watch. Notably, the current version for the iOS is 8.5.5 and is compatible with iOS 7 , iOS 8 and iOS 9. The new version of the app brings bug fixes and improvement to the UI and UX.

Lastly, there was earlier an issue with the NTES App: when the App was updated the favorite data was lost, but now the problem is fixed, and the favorites data will not be erased.


Download NTES (National Train Enquiry System) APP Latest Version for iPhone (iOS) and Apple Watch. 
Download NTES (National Train Enquiry System) APP Latest Version for Android Phones.
Download NTES (National Train Enquiry System) APP Latest Version for Windows Phone.

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