GTC (GPU Technology Conference) 2015 – Nvidia CEO Jen- Hsun Huang announced that Nvidia is looking for launching Graphics card that can have upto 32 GB of VRAM most likely in 2016 based on the PASCAL architecture.

Currently, Nvidia has the most advanced Graphics card GTX, Titan X, with 12 GB of VRAM, the Titan X is based on Maxwell architecture. Pascal Architecture will support 2.7 times more memory than the Maxwell and indicates 32 GB VRAM on Next-generation Graphics Cards. This will pave way for Graphics cards with more than 12 GB of VRAM.

Nvidia 32GB Graphics Card Expected to Come Next Year

 Nvidia 32GB Graphics Card Coming Next Year
Titan X is Current-Gen Fastest 12GB VRAM GPU

Nvidia Boss Jen-Hsun was referring to the next generation of graphics cards and showcased the roadmap for Desktop graphics cards at the GTC 2015  in San Jose, California.

Moreover, Nvidia’s next-generation architecture Pascal will Debut next year (2016) and the further generation will surface somewhere in 2018 and will be known as Volta. In Volta, the graphics card may go beyond 64 GB of VRAM size.

 Nvidia 32GB Graphics Card Coming Next Year
Jen-Hsun At GTC 2015 Introducing Pascal

There are three New Elements to Pascal Architecture that makes it much faster:

  1. Mixed Precision.
  2. 3D Memory.
  3. NVLINK.

Mixed Precision

Pascal architecture-based graphics cards will compute 16-bit floating-point accuracy at twice the rate of 32-bit floating-point accuracy.

3D Memory HBM(High Bandwidth Memory)

It will allow Pascal architecture GPUs up to three times the bandwidth and three times the frame buffer capacity of current GPUs compared to the Maxwell architecture. The 3D Stacked memory enables memory to be stacked on the GPU die and enable bandwidth speeds of upto 1 TB/s. Also, AMD is gearing up the next generation of AMD graphics cards with HBM(high bandwidth memory) upto 640 GB/sec, which will help to render graphics on 4K displays.


Nvlink is the new data transfer protocol like we currently have PCI E 3.0 to transfer data between the graphics card and CPU, the NVLINK is much faster compared to the PCI port and expected to transfer data upto 5-12 times quicker. Also, NVLINK has another really interesting feature it will allow Gamers to SLI upto 8 graphics cards from the current 4 maximum. It will also help in training simulators which require huge computer performance.

 Nvidia 32GB Graphics Card Coming Next Year
Pascal Will Be 10X Faster Than Maxwell

All this is cool but what does it translate to for the Gamers “Pascal-based Graphics Cards will be 10 times faster than Maxwell”. Lastly, there are going to be exciting times for gamers in near future and we may see prices dropping for the 4K resolution monitors and more GPU’s rendering beautiful, breathtaking graphics on your 4K monitors.

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