Nvidia AMD Graphics Card Prices May Get Big Discount

AMD Nvidia GTX 970 AMD 290x

Nvidia’s new GTX 970 is priced at 28,000 and performs significantly better compared to the Kepler based previous generation of graphics cards. Nvidia announced these two new additions to its line of (GPUs), the Geforce GTX 970 and 980, during its Game 24 live stream event on Thursday 18th September 2014. They are available on major online retailers and some direct sellers. The GPUs use Nvidia’s second-generation Maxwell micro-architecture, the successor to Nvidia’s Kepler technology, and focus on high-end performance for PC gaming and with evolved energy efficiency. With the move to Maxwell, Nvidia also places a particular focus on energy efficiency, with the GTX 970 and 980 having half the power consumption compared with the previous GPUs the GeForce GTX 700 series which was based on its first-generation Maxwell for 750ti and Kepler for other cards.

While Nvidia has moved to Maxwell and have launched these cards in the market at competitive rates AMD is in a troublesome situation, from both the performance as well as the pricing. Not only the R9 series is beaten by the 980 and 970 big time, but Nvidia cards are also way cheaper & cooler. AMD won’t be able to hold on to such pricing anymore. In fact, previous generation Nvidia cards will also get discounted especially the high-end GTX 770 and GTX 760.

Zotac initially listed the GTX 970 card on Flipkart for Rs. 28,000. Moreover, the GTX 980 is priced at Rs. 46,000.

Current online Prices for AMD Cards have dropped a little but considering the superior performance of Nvidia Cards they may decline further.

Here are the current prices of AMD Graphics Cards:

Graphics CardsPricing
Nvidia GTX 98046,000
Nvidia GTX 970     28,000
AMD R9 290X 3Gb DDR5     44,000
 AMD R9 290 4Gb DDR5     33,000
AMD R9 280X 3Gb DDR5     25,000
AMD R9 280 3Gb DDR5     19,000

To understand the pricing of the cards and what should we pay to buy them currently we need to see the relative gaming performance. This will help us conclude how much they are worth.

The performance Benchmarks for Nvidia GTX 970 & 980 and comparison to the AMD R9- 290X, R9-290, 280X and 280 is given below:

Battlefield 4

Nvidia AMD Graphics Card Prices May Get Big Discount

Metro Last light

Metro last light GTX 970 benchmark

Crysis 3

Nvidia AMD Graphics Card Prices May Get Big Discount

Let’s Combine the performance to understand what is the relative performance. This will give us a comparable picture. You can do it for individual games as well.

                Relative GPU performance 3 Games Combined for all 3 games
Nvidia GTX 98090 % SlowerCompared to
Nvidia GTX 97080– 13%% Slower VS a 980 X
AMD R9 290X77– 4%% slower Vs a 970 X
AMDR9 29072– 12%% slower Vs. a 970 X
AMD R9 280X57– 41%% slower Vs a 970 X
AMD R9 28053– 50%% slower Vs. a 970 X

Above table shows the combined performance in the three games. GTX 970 is slower than a GTX 980 by 13%, and other AMD Cards have been compared to a GTX 970.

Performance Comparison GTX 980, GTX 970, AMD R9 290X, AMD R9 290, AMD R9 280X, AMD R9 280 (This is approximate and may change from Game to Game)

  •  GTX 970 is 4% faster in comparison to an R9 290X.
  • GTX 970 is 12% faster in comparison to an R9 290.
  • The GTX 970 is 41% faster in comparison to an R9 280X.
  • GTX 970 is 50% faster in comparison to an R9 280.
  • The GTX 970 is priced @ 28000 while a 280X which is 41% slower is available at 24-25k online we can expect 30% or more price drop.

Concluding Thoughts: Nvidia AMD Graphics Card Prices May Get Big Discount

Now summing it up a Radeon R9 – 290X matches or is slower than a GTX 970 & is priced @ 44000. AMD will need to match a price of 28,000 to sell anything in the market. Radeon R9 290 is 12% slower and is priced @ 33,000 rational prices will be 23,000 for it to generate any interest from the buyers. Radeon R9- 280X and Radeon R9 280 will fall below 19k and 17k respectively.

Also, the pricing of Nvidia cards will also go down with GTX 970 at Rs.28000, GTX 770 and GTX 760 along with the favorite GTX 750 ti will even get a price drop most likely.

We can easily see a discount of 25% to 40% happening on the current pricing for these cards in the Indian Market. In case Nvidia increases the price of 970 from Rs. 28000 then it may change the game.

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